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Thread: Cannot remove Weather Channel Desktop!

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    Cannot remove Weather Channel Desktop!

    Please help if you can, I have tried numerous times to remove the weather channel from my Acer Power FE Desktop by going to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and when I try and remove by clicking "uninstall", it just won't work! Thanks so much in advance for any help provided.

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    You can try removing it by going on safe mode depending on what operating system you have, if you have xp you can reboot computer press f8 and go under safe mode once you enter safe mode you can go to add and remove software and remove it. Hope this can help you

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    Which Windows version? XP?

    If the suggestion by vsoto14 doesn't work for you, and you are running XP, you might try using a restore point made before the installation of the weather channel program.

    For the future...
    Assuming you don't have this in operation already...

    Better than making restore points [disable that feature and]...
    Use a 3rd party program [my favorite is "Image for DOS"], that is loaded from a disk other than the HDD [floppy or optical], runs outside of Windows [Windows is not running (shut down or hibernated)]...
    To save, at various key points in time, an image of the Windows partition [move all the data files of the Windows partition and make it as small as possible], ideally to [a folder on a partition on] an external [USB 2.0?] HDD.

    Then if ever you so much as suspect all [with the software] is not as you'd like it [some problem has been introduced]...
    Just [use an image file to] restore your latest good/suitable [must match the hardware] image, to a suitable partition [probably the one of which it was made].

    In this case it would take things back to the way they were, just like you'd never installed the program.
    This method is even better than trying to uninstall.
    And it will work even when Windows won't work normally, or even when Windows won't boot.

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    My windows version is XP and Firefox is my Browser. If you could, please provide easy to follow step by step instructions as I am a senior who is tech-challenged. Thanks so so very much and I appreciate your help.

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    Also, I do not know how to reboot. Thanks again for help and patience.

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    Well, I turned my desktop system off and then pressed F8 and got to safe mode and tried to uninstall Weather but for some reason, it would not uninstall. I wonder if I can ever get rid of weather. Thanks again.

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    The best thing you can do is download a new copy of the program, reinstall it and then try to remove it again via add/remove programs.
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    Thanks so very much.

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