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Thread: Comcast cable modem with linksys router...

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    Comcast cable modem with linksys router...

    Here's my basic dilemma, my mom decided to switch over from at&t dsl to comcast cable internet, and i am the one that has to get everything set up. The worker that installed the modem disregarded the fact that there was a big black and blue box with antennas coming out (router) and just hooked up the cable modem to the pc with an ethernet cable. My desired setup is this: acer desktop connected to linksys BEFW11s4 wireless router, with ARRIS TW502G connected to the router with internet, and finally my moms computer connect to the router wireless with an adapter (the least of my troubles, seeing as it's simple to set that up). The cable modem connects to the internet just fine without the router, but ive tried multiple router settings in the linksys configuration page to try to get the router to work, but no luck at all. Ive been told to clone mac address, which ive tried and did DHCP release, and no luck, ive tried multiple things found on the web with absolutely no luck.

    Any chance anyone could help me?

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    Start by doing a Reset on the Linksys router to wipe the ATT ADSL info including the PPPoE.
    Reset will return the router to factory defaults and allow you to configure the router for the new service.
    "Reset" involves pressing the Reset button for 20 seconds. You should not have to clone MAC addresses using this method.

    Configure it using Linksys' instructions and you should be good to go.

    Power down the cable modem, router and PCs.
    Power up the cable modem, wait until almost all the lights are lit.
    Power up the router, wait until all the lights are lit.
    Power up the admin PC. Configure the network and wireless security.
    Change the Admin password to something long and secure.
    Document the password and settings for future reference.

    The Comcast installer is not your LAN administrator so you cannot expect him/her to do anything with your router unless Comcast provided that equipment, so don't think badly of that installer.
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    Thanks for the help, did everything you said, at first it didnt work, so i tried the MAC address clone, and sure enough it worked, thanks again tho.

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