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Thread: Mac Radeon 7200 in PC

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    Mac Radeon 7200 in PC

    So, I have an old Radeon 7200 PCI card that I want to put in my PC. I've installed it and tried the drivers, I've also tried some 3rd party drivers to see if it would fix my problem. The problem is this:

    The card is a slightly different variant for the Mac, so I just need to flash the BIOS on the card. Atleast that's what I presume. The card shows up as RADEON 7200 SERIES in device manager, but the error is "this device could not start".

    So do you guys have any magic answers to fix my problem?

    The reason I want to run this is because I have an 8800GTX and it doesn't like this 2D game that I'm running, I get lag like hell with the card. Down to 5fps. My old GeForce4 didn't lag, so it has to do with the way the card renders the sprites. I've tried the 3rd party Omega drivers and they helped slightly. If you guys have any ideas on the 8800 then I'd be glad to hear em'!


    P.S. Helluva first post. xP

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    Question...what version of Windows are you running?

    It may not be the video card, if you are running Vista...
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    Well Vista cooks phail...

    I'm running XP.

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    Did your pc come with on-board graphics? I heard all pc's usually do. So you might want to just take the 8800 gtx out to play that 2D game.

    I'm wondering what 2D game is so good as it would render 8800gtx useless....
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    I figured out what the fix was, the new NVIDIA drivers are f*cked up and don't work properly. Downgraded to forceware 97.94 or something like that and it works great. 60FPS.

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