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Thread: SATA drive with IDE adapter trouble!!!!

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    SATA drive with IDE adapter trouble!!!!

    I am currently fixing my uncles computer, what should have been a simple reformat has now turned into a horrible ordeal. First his original hard drive went bad, then he went out of his way to purchase a 500 gig hard drive, only to find out he bought a SATA drive, which his old computer does not support. He then bought the adapter that changes SATA to IDE. The problem I am running into is that when I try to install Win XP, and try to select the partition, it says that the disk does not contain a Windows XP compatible partition. No matter what I do in this screen, I cannot seem to be able to install Windows. If anyone can help shed some light on this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'll try to help out until someone more knowledgeable comes along.

    1. "He then bought the adapter that changes SATA to IDE. "
    Would that be a PCI to SATA controller card?

    2. "when I try to install Win XP, and try to select the partition, it says that the disk does not contain a Windows XP compatible partition"
    Probably because you need to supply a driver on a floppy disk for the controller card...
    Or else include the SATA card driver into a SLIPSTREAMED XP installation CD [also including SP2 or SP3].
    There's a point during the XP install from CD that you must hit F6 and provide the driver floppy.
    Once the driver is loaded...
    The OS loaded off the CD can then see the HDD.

    3. I too would get this problem if I didn't supply drivers for my PCI to IDE controller card.
    Certain bootable CD's load OS's that don't include drivers for the card.
    BartPE, UBCD4Win [BartPE based], Windows installation CD's prior to Vista.

    "Emergency Boot CD" = EBCD.
    Might be possible to run a DOS-based Windows installation program [...\I386\WINNT.EXE] using the DOS command prompt supplied by this.
    [you'd need 2 optical drives; one for the EBCD, the other for the Windows installation disk]
    I can supply here [if you need/want it] a link to [an ISO file for] the old FREE version of this.
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    Thanks, Ill have to try that out, yeah the card just fits onto the back of the SATA hdd, and allows you to connect it with an IDE cable

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    west Lothian, Scotland.
    Is the SATA to IDE converter like this?
    Who makes your converter?
    I notice this web page says "NO DRIVERS NEEDED JUST PLUG AND PLAY!".
    Does the HDD have any partitions on it?
    And are the partitions formatted?
    Can any OS+Program loaded from any bootable optical disk see the HDD?
    Knoppix 5.1.1
    Emergency Boot CD

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    Can you RMA or exchange the drive and possibly the adapter as well? Or just get a compatible drive and install to that with the new one as slave.

    An older mobo designed for (P)ATA drives will not have the ability to boot to a SATA drive even though the adapter is considered to be plug and play (pray).

    If you had a functioning operating system, even Windows 98, using what you have in an enclosure or as a slave drive would work but booting to it is another matter. I am assuming this but I think that XP could not load SATA drivers if the mobo cannot support it natively. This, I think, is your problem.

    One way to check is, looking in the POST screen to see if the drive is recognized, and/or going into BIOS and reading the description of the drive if detected.

    Sylvander's original question is another possibility where you could install a pci adapter card which would come with a floppy disk which would have it's own BIOS and integrate into the mainboard's BIOS to allow you to use the drive as Primary.

    Just ideas here, as I have not experienced this problem firsthand... yet.
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