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Thread: Visiontek 3870 X2 and Windows XP 64

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    Visiontek 3870 X2 and Windows XP 64


    Can anyone help me with a quick question. I have set up a rig with a MSI K9a2 Platinum MB, AMD 9950 Quad Core BE, and two Visiontek 3870 X2 cards, and 4 gigs of Corsair Dominator and have been seeing issues as follows. The MB pushes the ram at 1.9 v but the ram calls for 2.1 v, funny thing, the BIOS doesn't seem to allow me to change the voltage to correct this variance. Is this difference in the Ram voltage significant ? The system seems to run, should this be a cause for concern ? Secondly, Visiontek has drivers for XP and Vista but not for XP 64, does this mean that the stock XP Video drivers will work the same with XP 64 ? Or, does it mean that Visiontek does not support XP 64 ? Any advise that you could sling my way would be appreciated.


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    Check the AMD/ATI site to see if there are XP 64 drivers...

    As for the, may matter if you are pushing the system to the limits. If the system seems unstable or starts acting oddly, then it may be RAM related and you'll either have to find out how (almost all motherboards do have some sort of arrangement to change the voltage...usually you have to disable the auto settings first) or find different RAM that is happy with the 1.9 V the motherboard supplies.
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    Thanks for the help, I'll hit the amd/ati site for the drivers and consult with MSI for unlocking the ram voltage.

    I really appreciate your help

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    Took care of the mem voltage and the driver issue, but in the process the one 3870 x2 card died. I am perfect running with one 3870 x2 card ! I don't know how to detect when a vid card is going bad, lucky for me, the card done died ! Woot !

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