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Thread: ftp programs

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    Question ftp programs

    hi to everyone
    me and my friends want to transfer data to each other over the net and i have been told that you need to do it by using an ftp program,please explain if this is correct and how to to do it and which ftp program to use
    thanks simpleton

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    That's basically correct, FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and basically allows you to connect to another computer through the internet and upload or download files.

    Check Tucows or Download.Com or Web Hideout and maybe some of the other download sites, you'll find a few good programs out there.

    Two of the better known and highly recommended ones are Bulletproof, which costs about $30 if I remember correctly, and Cute FTP which I think is free, and works fairly well. Several others are available that work well too. I just can't remember the names offhand, haven't looked for FTP programs in a while...

    The way they work, you have to know the IP address of the computer you want to connect to, or insome cases the Internet address will work, but in ftp format. Example will connect you to the Microsift ftp site using your browser or a third party FTP utility. You'll find many company sites also have FTP sites. IBM, Compaq, etc. Plenty webpage servers use FTP for file uploads too.

    Then you'll need eo log on, which requires a user name and password, or in many cases anonymous and your email address will work if the remote server is set up to allow anonymous access.

    After you're logged on, you'll have to learn how to navigate, it's a bit different from using Windows, but not hard to learn. With Bulletproof you just drag the file you want to upload or download into the bottom pane and click the "Go" button at top, or double click it. Cute FTP works very much the same, but I don't remember if it supports drag & drop.

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    FTP might be more hassle than it is worth if you just want to send a few files back and forth. ICQ works well for person to person file transfers.

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