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Thread: Need Help

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    Need Help

    i recently built my own computer from the ground up, when i went to turn it on it would only stay on for a few moments and turn off on its own.
    Thinking that the 750W PSU was under powered i replaced it with a 1000W and now it won't even turn on

    any help is greatly appreciated
    intel core2 quadcore
    750i SLI nForce motherboard
    GeForce 9600 GSO graphics card (SLI)
    GeForce 9800GT graphics
    1TB HDD
    500GB HDD
    creative blaster sound card (xtreme gamer series)
    1000W PSU
    2 120mm fans
    heatsink fan

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    When you have SLI cards, I think that they must be the same exact card. Also, check your heatsink.
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    There appears to be grey paint? I don't see why it won't atlest turn on

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    Problem was a defective motherboard, a capacitor was broken off

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