I have 3 HD's, each one being a samsung 250 Gb. Two are in RAID0 and one I have been using as storage and also installed W 7 RC on it.
I had the older RC version and have downloaded RC 7100 to install. Problem is, it does not want to install. It get's to the stage where it says finalising installation but I have let it go for over an hour and nothing seems to advance. It does not freeze the pc though.
I have tried installing it from boot with a dvd too and after it asks which drive to install to, it goes ahead. It then stops at the time when one would normally install the RAID drivers asking for the drivers and that there are no visible HD's to install to (although they were recognised initially).
Can I disable RAID0 in the BIOS before attempting the W7 install to the separate HD, or will this mash the array when I attempt to reenable it after the install of W7?
I don't understand why I am having this problem installing after having had the previous version installed with zero problems .