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Thread: Automatically run a batch file on USB device insertion/removal

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    and put the description there like the file need to be executed when pen drive inserted
    I think you have missed the point that the problem actually is more complex since not all USB devices are pen drives - or even drives at all. This program is designed to identify and to react to USB devices of all sorts on both insertion and/or removal.

    In addition autorunning may well be disabled by the OS in question.
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    Hey Paul,
    I downloaded your program because i think its pretty amazing, but unfortunately i havent been able to get it working properly. After booting up the program, it doesnt seem to recognize any USB device that is inserted or removed from the computer. Im running a windows 7, 64 bit. Does this program only work for Windows XP or am i just missing something?


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    Try running it as administrator...
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    One of the first things I tried. Its a no go..

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    I have had other reports of it not functioning under Win 7. Unfortunately I don't have time a the moment to attempt to upgrade it. Have you tried compatibility mode for XP?
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new around here but have the same issue.

    I wrote something in a little batch file that gets the job done. In a nutshell it's a batch file which runs every few seconds and calls devcon to see if a device with a particular device ID is attached. It can run something different when the device is inserted as well as removed.

    I wrote this to detect whether my laptop is plugged into my USB docking station so it refers to docking all the way through - but it will work with whatever device you want. In my case I wanted it to switch power plans and turn off my wireless, but you could have it do anything you want.

    List of files and description:
    • dock.cmd - This cmd file does the actual executing of the specified commands
    • dock_success.vbs - Successful dock message box
    • poll.cmd - Polls the system for the given device ID and call dock.cmd if the device has been added or removed since the last check
    • silent.vbs - Calls poll.cmd silently
    • undock_success.vbs - Successful undock message box
    • undocked.txt - File to tell the script whether the system is docked or not (will change to docked.txt when docked)

    • I have tested this with Windows 7 x64 and it works flawlessly.
    • I suggest you add 'silent.vbs' to your Startup folder on the Start menu so it runs when you log on.
    • The files need to be extracted to 'c:\dock' - this could be changed in the code without too much work though.
    • The 'undocked.txt' file needs to exist before you run the script the first time.
    • You will need a copy of 'devcon.exe' from Microsoft. I have tested with the 64 bit version on Win7 x64 and it works flawlessly.

    Feel free to change anything in the scripts and redistribute
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