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Thread: Removing Dell OptiPlex GX400 motherboard

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    Removing Dell OptiPlex GX400 motherboard


    I have an OptiPlex GX400 still running Win 2000. Wanted to upgrade it, as the components it uses are basically obsolete.

    How do I remove the motherboard from the case to install a new one? It seems like it's too low for me to be able to fit any sort of tool under it, and I don't even know where the connections to the case are.

    I wouldn't like to get a new case. Any advice?

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    Just make sure the motherboard you have can actually fit in that case, generally there proprietary.

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    Yes, I've done the measurements and the motherboard should fit. I was more asking about the general how to remove the old one. I can't figure out a good way to do it.

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    Remove all cables and connections.
    Remove all the screws that screw onto little brass hexagonal risers on the case.
    The board can usually then be lifted out by holding onto the HSF. Sometimes other components like fan assemblies and drives have to be removed to get proper access.

    Is that the sort of thing you mean?

    Google remove+motherboard and include youtube for some videos.
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    You can't put a standard motherboard in there. Dell boards are proprietary and the case does not have the necessary screw holes to accommodate a standard ATX board and the hooks in the case that hold the Dell board will most likely short out a board not meant for that chassis.

    You will need a new case. Basically a whole new system.

    System documentation

    Eeeww!! I just looked at the specs. RDRAM! Dump that system entirely. It's time to move on.
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    Sorry but I have to belatedly agree with jlreich and should have looked at the documentation first. The specific page regarding removing the mobo indeed shows this to be a completely non-standard board with a single holding screw. It may well also have an unorthodox PSU (older Dells had proprietary wiring into the bargain) so I have to agree that if you want to upgrade get a new Case and PSU as a minimum or else a complete bare-bones system. RAM for a modern system was never as cheap, by the way, whereas upgrading RAM gets more and more expensive (buck for byte) as you go back in time. You might be able to use the original HDD and Optical but they are not components that last forever. Some specific expansion cards (if there are slots for them on the replacement) and the floppy are the most commonly useful components that can be salvaged from older boards.
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