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Thread: RAID Backup Suggestions

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    RAID Backup Suggestions

    I've been using Win 7 RC x64 with two Raptors in RAID 0. I had been using the free version of Macrium Reflect for back ups, but had not needed a restore until a windoze update rendered the build unbootable. I've discovered that the "free" version of Macrium does not support RAID recovery...fully anyway. Win 7 and my BIOS create a 100 Mb "system partition along with the "C" partition. I guess I could restore one at a time, but I'm not sure. Their web site says the "pay" version s required for RAID, although the free does see the RAID and create a single archive file.

    Any suggestions for RAID backup and restore?
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    Any suggestions for RAID backup and restore?
    I have used BiNG and ImageForDOS without any problems on a number of RAID volumes over a number of years. My central philosophy about imaging has always been to do it from outside of windows (particularly for boot and system partitions) so any software that can correctly see the RAID volume from a bootable utility should have no problems.

    It has usually been Linux based utililties that have been problematic (or indeed WinNT based utilities such a BartPE CD when I have forgotten to supply the RAID drivers using F6). Any "OS" that sees the individual drives and not the RAID volume itself is not only not going to work but can break an existing array. "DOS-based" utilities that believe what the BIOS tells them are thus the most straightforward and least problematic. That includes the utilities mentioned and also the older versions of DriveImage run from boot floppies or a floppy emulated boot CD.
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