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Thread: Just a blinking cursor

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    Just a blinking cursor

    I've had a couple other IDs on this forum, but haven't been on in years, so just re-registered.

    Running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit, quad core 2.66, 4gb ram, main drive sata II. One day it works perfectly fine and the next after bootup and mb screen, I get a blinking cursor in the upper right corner of my screen. Nothing saying it can't find the OS, just sits there forever. Thanfully I've backed up my partition sector by sector using Acronis True Image, so hopefully that will restore properly, but am going to look through bios setup first to see if anything doesn't look right. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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    Update: I've tried 3 different restore points using Windows Vista installation CD, and nothing is working. I'd really appreciate any suggestions anyone has.

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    Several instances of the same problem on a SATA II drive, so I installed the OS onto an IDE hdd, now having the same exact problem.

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    This time I went to the very earliest instance of Windows to restore, and that failed. So now I'm going to reinstall Windows from scratch.

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    Update: tech support where I bought my mb ( tells me it might be caused by the memory I have installed. I have corsair 1066 pc8500 with the covers on them, so tech support rep said that's most likely what my problem is...not the covers themselves, but the fact that the memory may not be in fact 1066, it just tells the bios that it is, and tells it not to check the memory. So I'm buying some memory that's on the asus qualified vendor list and will start over again.

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    The latest: I swapped out the RAM to what was on the qualified vendor list from ASUS and that appears to what had been my problem because I haven't had any problems since (knock on wood).

    Lesson learned: always check compatibility/tested lists from your motherboard's manufacturer!

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    Have only just seen this thread. It was memory in this case but could have been other faulty or incompatible hardware. Restore points wont fix intrinsic boot failures whether intrinsic to the linking of the boot processes of the hard drive or of the windows location or, of course, if there is hardware failure. It was never stated, for example, if there was any successful POST beep.
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