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Thread: touchpad not working for acer aspire one notebook

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    touchpad not working for acer aspire one notebook

    hello i have an ace aspire one notebook and the touch pad is not working... i have messed around the settings.. and i have tried the fn + f7 key

    what the problem is that the left click is opening all the menus ( what the right click is superposed to do) and the right click just has no function at all.. i have rolled back the drivers and i have the settings correct on the mouse propaties.

    i haven't called tech support yet.. but i really don't like calling some guy 10000 miles from where i live with some stupid ascent that i can't understand

    thanks for reading and helping

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    I think this is your best bet. If this is a hardware problem, they will have to fix it.
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    touchpad not working for acer aspire one notebook

    i'm having the same problem with an acer aspire one netbook that i've had for just 2 months. In addition to the problem with the touchpad, in the last few days, text will not type into ms word or the works word processor but will in wordpad, notepad, email, messaging programs and other office applications.
    any thoughts?

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    Have you managed to solve these problems? I had the exact same conditions for about two weeks after only 2 months of having my Aspire. I arranged a pick up with the support team to get it fixed and miraculously it fixed itself, so I cancelled the collection. Unfortunately 5 months later I'm having exactly the same problems once again. I have unistalled the touchpad, tried various different drivers......but to no avail......Arrrrrgh!!!!! I found a post elsewhere stating that it could be the connection of the touchpad to the motherboard so I need to give this a go. I was just hoping that one of you had found and rectified the problem already? *looks to the sky with crossed fingers*

    Regards Kev

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    Acer Aspire One Touchpad not working

    It's a hotkey


    Fn + F7 will disable/enable the touchpad.


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    I was having the same problem - touchpad not responding. Thanks flemming, I'm glad it's just Fn+F7

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    Quote Originally Posted by flemming View Post
    It's a hotkey


    Fn + F7 will disable/enable the touchpad.

    That worked perfectly! Many thanks Flemming -- you rock!

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    In the Acer Aspire 5517 the Touchpad can be enable/disable, pushing the button in the left hand or the power button.
    When the light is on the touchpad is disable.

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    Fn + F7 for touchpad on and off

    Nice job on that...thought I was going to have to pitch the netbook (not worth paying to replace new touchpad). Thanks a million!

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    my acer touchpad solution

    It must be a mfg defect. My touchpad doesn't work at all. Fn F7 did nothing, Using an external mouse I tried the control panel to no avail.
    I tried the acer support and found they would answer my question for $20.
    I bought wireless mouse at BigLots for $10. Problem solved.
    Good luck!

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    How old is your machine?

    Sounds like it's out of warranty. If it is just out and the touchpad never worked, I'd try talking to someone higher up the food chain than the phone tech. If it is long out of warranty, then your solution is probably the best one. If the touchpad doesn't show up in Device Manager, there is a chance that it has been physically disconnected or the ribbon cable is bad.
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    Just in case you are like me and f7 and all the other tricks did not work then you might want to try what I did to solve the problem.

    Shut down, remove both battery and power cord, press the power button for at least 30 seconds (apparently this resets or reboots the cmos).

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    I think I found an easier answer than all these. Maybe? Now I realize this is 2015 and most these posts were 2009. And the Aspire One isn't exactly the new kid on the block but mine still serves a purpose. Even with XP there are programs that take care of XP still and advertise it. Such as Advanced System Care by iObit. However, back to this. All I did was go to area and roll the driver back. Rebooted and everything work. Oh, my issue was slightly different. I got the mousepad to move the cursor, right and left click were working. It was when I touched the pad with the index finger to select nothing happened. However the Fn-F7 got me back in the picture too before I got to the complete resolution. Thanks! ":-D jack

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