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Thread: How to re-position the Intel Celeron on a Gateway?

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    Question How to re-position the Intel Celeron on a Gateway?

    I've spent a few hours looking at the mainboard of a FLEXATXSTC BRO 800c PC (Gateway FLEX Desktop) & searching in the web for info on dealing with the clip that comes on top of the 'MS-3612 VER:1' motherboard and found no clue as how I must deal with it.
    This computer was about to be dumped out from a 2nd floor with monitor included but I rescued it & managed to use it for some months until the constant abrupt shutdowns burnt something in the monitor I was using (a KDS flatscreen). I then connected the original monitor & kept using it for a few weeks more but it suddenly died out.
    I'm planning to give it a last chance & decided to go from the very beginnings up, just for the sake of not skipping anything in between before I'm the one to dump it out from my own 2nd floor.
    Does anybody has info on how to extract this celeron unit from its 'resting place'? Is it soldered in place?
    Thanks in advanced!

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    -have you have tried entering the serial number in here:

    -also, the "MS" in the motherboard model number could mean its manufactured by MSI (microstar international) as thier boards have a similar naming convention, so that could be another lead for info

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    Thanks for responding, sifLord. Went to the link offered but found little help there (mainly by way of chatting with a tech helper). Since that computer is out of warranty they won't give me much more help than a few guides toward some specs pages that don't carry on the desired info. I'll keep searching elsewhere...

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    i'm not exactly sure what info you are after but if its simply a case of removing the heatsinc and processor then according to this link you have a 370 zif socket

    i'm not sure if you still have the heatsink ontop of the cpu, but you will need to remove that first

    using a flat screwdriver, push down onto the metal clip and outwards to unhook it from the zif socket lug... one side of the clip might actually have a place that you can fit the tip of the flat head screwdriver)

    once you unhook one side the clip should be easy to unhook the other side by pushing downwards and away from the socket lug

    removing the heatsink might take some force as there is a thermal paste applied between the cpu and the heatsink to assist in conducting heat , over time this can become hardened, so the bets merthod is to gently twist/wriggle the heatsink until it comes away

    when you have removed the heatsinc, lift the little lever beside the socket using the same push down and outwards technique to unclip it (though a lot gentler than with the heat sink clip) then simply pull the lever up as in the picture in this post from the sticky

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    Jan 2007
    North-West of Puerto Rico

    Thumbs up Very good links indeed sifLord & thanks.

    I wasn't sure how to proceed after taking out the heatsink & unlocking the lever that slides the unit toward the front for extraction but at the links I understood what to expect. As needed, it was better than passing over a 'Gateway'. I'll move on...
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