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Thread: Help with new build

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    Help with new build

    Hey guys,

    I am building a little desktop, I already have mouse, keyboard, monitor, and a hard drive. Was wondering what you guys thought of this set up. Any recommendations, corrections, and advice are welcome. Thanks in advance.

    What I plan on buying:
    PSU/Motherboard Combo:
    CPU/Case Combo:
    Graphics Card:

    Thanks guys!

    By the way, this comes out to $550 with shipping include fyi

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    Jan 2010
    Vancouver, BC
    go with 4 g kit of RAM. What OS? 32 bit or 64bit?
    Win10/HAF X/CM 1000W gold/Z77X-UD5H/OC'ed 3770k @4.5GHz/32g G Skill/OC'ed GTX780 @1063MHz-6608MHz/850EVO256g/Vertex3 120g/WD 500 Blk/3 x WD 1T Blk
    Win10/CM Centurion/650W/Z77X-UD3H/OC'ed 2500k @ 4.1GHz/16g Kingston Hyper X/HD6870/HyperXFury SSD 120g/WD 500 Blk/WD 1T Blk
    UBUNTU 15/ AMD @3.2ghz/ GTX460 1g/ 8g Kingston 1600/ 2 x 500g HDD
    doesn't keep me up nights, no siree

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    well the reason I plan on going with 2 gigs is because this is already pushing my $500 limit...I have a copy of windows 7 64-bit....

    you guys think its a pretty good set up?

    thanks in advance!

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