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Thread: dvd rom & DMA

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    Angry dvd rom & DMA

    arrrgggghhh!!! I know pretty much everyone has gone through this but I can't find a solution to my dilemma. Specs: P3-500, Abit BE6-II rev 1.2 mobo, pioneer dvd 115, 256 MB RAM, 20 GB WD HD, Win 98 SE, MSI GF2 GTS PRO vid card... So obviously I can't get DMA mode enabled - I have 4 ide channels 2 run by HPT 370 UDMA 66 non RAID, and 2 UDMA 33. The chipset on this mobo is Intel 440 BX (82443BX and 82371EB) so via driver solutions won't work(?). So far, I've tried it on all the ide channels; I can't get HPT bios (I've got bios ver .95b and I have no idea how to update that) to change mode because it's satisfied just calling it an atapi device and on the non hpt channels the award bios only lets my enable or disable dma mode, only pio can be manually configured. Now, in win 98 I can check the box for dma to my hearts content but it never remains checked after countless reboots. This drives me crazy, please help me!!

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    Can you DMA-enable the HD successfully? Sorry, not familiar with "HPT" -- is that a separate PCI controller card? Is the Award BIOS flashed with the latest revision?
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    I disabled soundblaster emulation for my soundcard in windoze, and voila dma mode enabled. Weird, thanx for responding though

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