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Thread: Better way to use 2TB hard drive

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    Better way to use 2TB hard drive

    I got a 2 TB external drive with eSATA and USB connection. I will use eSATA for faster speed. It's preformatted as NTFS system and I will keep that. I mainly use it to store large RAW files from DSLR camera and video files.

    What's the good and better way to use a 2TB drive? Use it as a single drive or partition it into a few drives? I want to find a balance between performance and try to be safer in case the drive fail in the future. I think people who have use large disks have better ideas.

    And I may buy a 2 TB internal drive, too.

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    All drives fail. You need a backup. My advice would be to get a 2 TB drive for inside your PC and use the 2TB external for backup. Partitioning will not help you if the drive fails....
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    I never really understood partitioning...

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    no point to partition a storage drive
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    Partitioning is a matter of choice and there are all sorts of strategies for all sorts of uses. Sometimes it can be worth just leaving say 10% of unused space at the end of a drive just in case you need to enlarge a single partition or create a partition in it at a later stage.

    If there is going to be important data that will hurt you if lost then, as intimated, backup of those essentials is a must. I personally would probably run two identical 2TB drives as a RAID-1 mirror. Perhaps not as good as a complete backup onto a second removable drive that can be put in a secure location or to a second PC somewhere else but has the advantage of creating a seamless duplicate all the time; a duplicate of course that would also be affected by theft, viruses, accidental deletion because it is a duplicate and not a proper backup.

    Two considerations when dealing with large drives is that (a) running housekeeping operations such as chkdsk, defrag and malware scans can take prodigious amounts of time on large partitions and (b) that if data recovery software is ever needed one will need to obtain a hard drive at least as as big as the partition that one is trying to recover data from.
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    How to partition your drive or choosing not to is really personal reference. There are good reason to partition as Paul mentioned, as well as multi booting, organization of file types, and keeping regular data away from the OS partition in order to make backing up of the OS easy and quick. And on and on....
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