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Thread: vibrating display-split

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    hi. i have problem with my desktop PC. when i started a game, any game such as warcraft 3, counter strike. my screen went crazy. its vibrate/shaking. im using nvidia geforce 7300 GS with 17" LCD monitor. please help me

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    need more your GPU card is very light (6.4GB/s) bandwidth and only a 64 bit card, I think the problem might be that. However you must post all your specs so we can make an informed opinion. How much RAM? How big is the CPU? How many Watts is the Power Suppy? Motherboard full Name?

    go here to check out your GPU against other GPU's
    Win10/HAF X/CM 1000W gold/Z77X-UD5H/OC'ed 3770k @4.5GHz/32g G Skill/OC'ed GTX780 @1063MHz-6608MHz/850EVO256g/Vertex3 120g/WD 500 Blk/3 x WD 1T Blk
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    doesn't keep me up nights, no siree

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