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Thread: content advisor password reset help!

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    content advisor password reset help!

    can someone help me reset my password for the content advisor in Windows XP?

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    quite a lenghty process

    It's quite a long procedure
    firstly you need to back up theregistry so that the data is safe.
    then click on start and press "regedit"
    then click the plus near HKEY_Local_Machine
    then + after software
    then microsoft, windows, Current version, policies.
    you will find a rating folder the click on to it
    then on right side corner top select "key" then delete it
    exit regedit and restart the computer

    once restarted you will have to open IE >> internet option>> content>> click disable when asked for password either leave it blank or reset it

    If you don't want to be get in to that technicalities is the link where you can find the windows password reset software I've used it to reset and recover passwords

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    Thanks tompatrick. That was easy and I can now surf all the porn I want thru IE.

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    I would first like to know why? Has an ADULT locked you out? I afraid that I would be of no help to you unless I knew who you are in person........and if you are the administrator, then you could always backup and format......

    sry for my lack of help
    Win10/HAF X/CM 1000W gold/Z77X-UD5H/OC'ed 3770k @4.5GHz/32g G Skill/OC'ed GTX780 @1063MHz-6608MHz/850EVO256g/Vertex3 120g/WD 500 Blk/3 x WD 1T Blk
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    UBUNTU 15/ AMD @3.2ghz/ GTX460 1g/ 8g Kingston 1600/ 2 x 500g HDD
    doesn't keep me up nights, no siree

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