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Thread: Setup is being restarted loop....... aborted xp repair

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    Setup is being restarted loop....... aborted xp repair


    I am running Windows Xp Pro SP3.
    For some reason I had to perform a repair using the XP setup CD.
    The installation failed and now the pc just reboots with "Setup is being restarted".
    This loop will continue indefinetly.........................

    I try to complete the repair with the setup cd, but unfortunately I'm unable to.
    A clean install is not an option for me at this time.
    I have tried different things unsuccessfully.
    I would greatly appreciate any assistance in helping me solve this problem.

    Kindest regards,


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    Setup is being restarted loop....... aborted xp repair

    Try using a friends copy of windows with your key (your cd might be damaged or smudged)

    Try a "Free bootable antivirus".

    or boot into dos, backup any files you need or just copy them to a flash drive and reinstall windows.

    did you try booting into "Safe Mode" ?

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    What are the specs for your PC? Restarting setup with an endless loop sounds like your hard drive may be defective or possibly the jumpers (if any) are not set right.

    What does "for some reason" mean?

    As mentioned, if you can still get into the hard drive, it may be a good time to back up important files.

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    1. I experienced a similar situation when making a fresh install of Win2000Pro.
    The first part of the install was OK, but when it rebooted it began anew like the first part hadn't happened.

    (a) The cause:
    I'd partitioned and formatted using a non-windows program [GParted within a Puppy Linux].

    (b) The solution:
    Re-partitioned and re-formatted using Microsoft/Windows programs [fdisk.exe and].

    2. Conclusion:
    Windows must be given just the right things like partitioning [partition marked "active"], formatting, partition-file-system.

    3. Wouldn't expect your partitioning or formatting were changed during the repair, but perhaps your [partition tables? or] partition-file-system is corrupted.
    After making an image backup of your Windows partition...
    Try scanning and fixing it from outside of Windows.
    e.g. Try running chkdsk using the the Windows CD "Recovery Console".
    I normally would use GParted or Pdisk within a Puppy_Linux to scan/fix partition-file-systems.


    4. Once had a WinXP partition that wouldn't load Windows...
    Corrupted partition tables methinks...
    Used Testdisk [run within Puppy, or from a bootable floppy] to recover good partition tables, and like magic Windows booted once again.

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    Hello All,

    Thanks for all the helpfull suggestions. I'm finally back in business.
    I backed up the local drive, Did a clean install and then restored.
    Need to reinstall some apps also.

    Thanks again.

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