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Thread: Office 97 Tool Bar Icons.

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    Post Office 97 Tool Bar Icons.

    Running Office 97 under Windows 98 SE.

    MS Office installs a Tool Bar. When other programs install, they usually put a Launch Button on this Tool Bar.

    Recently, the MS Word Icon has been appearing with buttons for newly installed programs which do not put their own unique Icon on this Tool Bar. The Default Icon used to be something more generic.

    Does anybody know where this the default Icon comes from? Have tried Windows 98 Help, Office 97 help, and the MS Internet Site. The MS site probably has the correct info, but it is buried somewhere.

    Being Obsessive compulsive, trivia like this bother me.

    does anybody have an idea?

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    Eschew Obfuscation!
    If one hundred million people believe a foolish idea, it is still a foolish idea.

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    Go in the customize tool bar menu and then use the browse button to change the icon, use the executable file for each program as the source for the icon...........

    Its been a while since I messed around with Office-97 but I think if I remember correctly there was a little bug in it concerning the icons, when you set them manually they should stay correct Im pretty sure

    Stab in the dark really.......its been a long time

    What I meant by what I said is hopefully less confusing then the contemplation of the question that led to the confusion in the 1st place.......
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