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Thread: PC power supply as 12V source?

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    Question PC power supply as 12V source?

    Hi there,

    I am trying to use the PC power supply as a source of 12V supply, for I need its high current (about 8A). However, all the PC PSs I could come by didn't give me the 12V. The highest goes up to 11.5V which is not enough to power my stuff. I was wondering whether all PC PSs are like this (providing lower than 12V voltage) or I am just unlucky?

    Thanks a lot.


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    Power supply voltage range is:

    Yellow +12V = +8.5V - +12.6V
    Blue -12V = -8.5V - -12.6V
    Red +5V = +2.4V - +5.2V
    White -5V = -4.5V - -5.4V

    So the voltages you saw on the power supplies you checked were within acceptible operating range, while actually lower than the 12V it's usually referred to.

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