hi... is there anyone that knows what might be the fault with my laptop...
I have a mesh laptop.. after i got it it started to shut down randomly until one day when it stopped working all togheter.... i sent it in for repair to mesh who told me that something was spilled on to it .. i had to pay to get a new keyboard and motherboard.. when i got it back it started to do the same thing.. shuts down 2-3 times a day .. this is the was it is saying in the fault report..

fault bucket, type 0
 Event name: ServiceHang
Response: Not available
Cab id: 0&#x000a and it goes on after that...

fault bucket, type 854700169 type5&#xoooa; event name mshmllayouthardassert

there is many more faults reported that is similar...
anyone got a clue what i can do to sort it out?

Thanks Sussi