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Thread: USB port detected as non highspeed

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    USB port detected as non highspeed

    I have my computer for couple of years now. Couple of days ago whenever i connect a usb flashdrive there is a notification that says "There is no highspeed usb port detected on the system" and the perfomence just drop horribly.

    I've definitely have a usb 2.0 port with no problem recently. I checked the device manager and it showed no problem. I uninstalled and let windows install them. Still no use.

    All my ports are showing as "non high speed usb ports" system recommends i need a hub controller.

    I have xp sp3 & windows 7. In them both i get the same error. Can the whole drives have been physically damaged?

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    Check the USB settings in your BIOS setup; maybe someone inadvertantly turned on the "compatibility" or "legacy" mode for very old USB gear with Windows 98 combo. Try disabling the parallel port (if present) and let windows re-initialize your USB ports. Are you sure your computer hasn't been tampered with?

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    PC or Motherboard make and model please?

    Can the whole drives have been physically damaged?
    The USB bus can be damaged in a number of ways. Since you are having the same problem with two OSes it must be on the cards that this could be the case here.

    It would not be a bad idea along the lines that kiosk has suggested of resetting the BIOS to failsafe defaults.
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    Thanks for your info guys. I checked with the bios and found out that usb 2.0 support was turned off. I turned it on and my comp is fine again.

    But how did the settings in the bios change? I did update the bios and i didn't feel any problems with usb ports. Only the usb settings in bios was changed. Nobody except me is using the comp.

    Could it be the bios update?

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    Yes, it could be...often times the update wipes the user settings and either loads a 'failsafe' or factory default. Check all the rest of the BIOS settings to make sure they are correct or optimized.
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