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Thread: Vertical Lines on 1/4 of my ACER aspire 4310 monitor - replace monitor?

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    Question Vertical Lines on 1/4 of my ACER aspire 4310 monitor - replace monitor?

    Good Morning!

    This shouldn't have been an issue if i can afford to buy another laptop. But I'm really on a tight budget for now.
    Hm.... harsh real world. ^^,

    You see?

    apart from the black portion (broken monitor), a fourth of my screen has horizontal lines all over.

    I have a strong notion that i need a monitor replacement. But is the monitor the only problem?
    I fear that if directly go to the repair shop they'll overcharge me. (financial issues again)

    Or can i just buy parts and fix my laptop on my own?

    Thanks guys! Lotsa love! ^^,

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    Welcome to the forum!

    What you need to do is to hook up an external monitor to your laptop and see if the problem still shows on it.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that your monitor is toast...
    Don't fear the penguin -

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    Thank you..

    Oh my.. I guess I'll try hooking it up to our TV but that means buying a HDMI cable I guess. Thank you for your help.


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