Hey everyone.

I've been fighting with my wireless printer for a while now and I thought I'd ask some pros for help.

Right now I have two pcs running windows 7 connected to the same wireless network. There is another pc upstairs connected via ethernet, but that's the landlady's pc and is not connected to our purposes here.

I also have a HP photosmart d7400 printer wirelessly connected to the same network. The router is a Cisco-Linksys e1000. It is using WPA-2 encryption.

One would think these devices would communicate with each other properly, but oh no sir - this does not happen.

The printer... well, I WAS able to print to it from my pc for about a day. Now although the printer icon in the devices menu has that pretty green check mark, documents just hang in the output queue. I still don't know how I managed to get it to work the first time, it was some sort of haxx witchcraft that I am since unable to duplicate. I did a lot of trying to force the pc to recognize it until it finally gave in.

I tried installing this printer on the other pc (my girlfriend's pc) but windows 7 doesn't even see the printer on the network. My pc no longer sees the printer on the network either.

I looked around in our respective pc settings and noticed some strange things.

first, when I view the network on each pc it shows the same thing:
internet -> router -> this pc

It appears as though each pc sees itself as the only device on the network. Is this normal?

I decided that since I do have the printer installed on my pc I would simply share it. I attempted to map to it from the other pc, but it did not detect my pc on the network.

Fair enough, I figured. Maybe it's just windows being windows. Let's setup a homegroup. So I set up a homegroup on my pc and attempted to join my girlfriend's pc to it.

Imagine my chagrin when the other pc did not detect the homegroup.

I've reached the end of my tether with the entire business at this point. Is the printer to blame or is there some bigger network issue going on that is screwing everything up? Any and all advice is welcome and appreciated, as I'm sure you know. Thanks guys.