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Thread: Advice on buying a new computer

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    Advice on buying a new computer

    I need some advice on buying a new computer. My requirements are so simple that I'm almost embarassed to have to ask for help.

    I really don't need much more than a basic computer. But one thing that I do need is the ability to run dual monitors.

    Other than that I've maxed out the ram on my current computer at 2mb and there are times when I'm running large spreadsheets when it simply can't handle that much data. So knowing how future applications will probably require as much ram as possible I'm thinking that 8mb is probably the way to go.

    As for a hard drive my 8 year old 120mb hard drive is only half full, so I don't need a lot of storage. I have a DVD/CD burner that I never use. I never play games on it, and I connect to the internet through a linksys router and a high speed cable modem. (Well about 12mb download)

    So what would be a good system to buy, or what features should I be looking for? Price really isn't important, but I don't figure such a basic system should be too expensive.

    Also would I be able to use my current CRT monitor in the dual monitor setup?

    Thanks for any answers, and sorry for such a dweeb question.

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    I think you mean gigs and not mb for your RAM................

    How much is your budget? From the looks of it, you will need a new PC.

    any modern graphics card will play 2 monitors easy...........some hook the monitor up and add their TV as a second monitor.......

    Yes, you could still use your old CRT but bad for the eyes...........

    very quicky now.......backup all your data on that 8 year old HDD as it's past its life and might fail any day, then run over it...........

    need the budget numbers but look at these sites and see some prices
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    Sounds like a basic desktop to me. Newer ones are likely to have dual monitor support. Do you need a good warranty with it?

    You do not need anything fancy but it does sound like you still need a standard x86 desktop. No nettops. You could pretty much walk into any Best Buy and point to their cheapest model if it were not for the dual monitor thing.

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