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Thread: No Audio on just one Youtube Vid?

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    Jan 2007

    No Audio on just one Youtube Vid?

    I know this worked in the past but it has stopped working on my DeskTop and I do not know why only 1 video that I can find has now gone silent! The audio works fine on my laptop with Win7.

    I can watch any music video on YouTube, and any other video whether or not it is music related or not. I can only find This video that refuses to produce any sound. I have tried Firefox, Internet Exploder and Gurgle Chrome all with same result = no sound, but video plays fine.

    I looked in Device Manager, there were no errors. All sound tests in Run> dxdiag worked fine. Is there a software to check for driver problems (I seem to recall some from awhile back)? Should I uninstall/reinstall my audio drivers?

    This is an old AOpen AK77-600N motherboard with onboard AC97 audio running am AMD Barton XP2500 CPU with about 2 gigs of DDR-1 RAM.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Mar 2002
    west Lothian, Scotland.
    1. Tried playing this in Puppy_Linux = Lupu-528-005, and could get neither picture NOR sound.
    Said I was missing a plugin, but no suitable plugin could be found.
    Firefox is version 11.0.
    "flashplayer11-" installed.
    Updated Firefox version 11.0 to version 12.0, but that produced no improvement.
    I wonder what is this missing plugin?

    2. So I rebooted to Puppy_Linux = Luci-001.005 [from where I type this] = alias 3-Headed-Dog = 3HD...
    3HD is an updated/improved version of Lupu-528.005.
    And got BOTH picture AND sound.
    Great routine by George Carlin, "ain't it the truth"!
    Firefox is version-12.
    "flash-player- Adobe Flash Player and Preferences" installed.
    Last edited by Sylvander; 05-04-2012 at 03:39 PM.

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    Jan 2007
    Great routine, "ain't it the truth"!
    I'm not trying to see if people like or dislike him as a comedian, nor am I trying to start a political slant thread. I'm just trying to find out why if I was able to view and hear the video say, 6 months ago, that why can't I any longer in 3 different browsers?

    Perhaps I will reboot into A Pup, or other Linux variety and see if they are able to work. Hmmmm, now that you mention 'plug-in', Adobe Flash just updated on this XP pro box a few days ago. Perhaps that is the issue? There are perhaps 5-7 versions of this video on Youtube and not a one will play any sound, yet all other George Carlin videos do play fine, as well as any other random one I choose.

    My Flash Player version on here is: which IS working for you..
    The Active-X version within Flash Player is:
    Perhaps that is different?

    Thanks so far Sylvander.

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    Dec 2005
    Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Works fine with latest version of Chrome on Win7.
    Don't fear the penguin -

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    Jul 2004
    State of New York
    Works fine with latest version of Firefox and Windows 7 64-bit.
    Tyan Pentium II, 128MB, NVIDIA MX440, SCSI + IDE, 95/98SE
    Dell Latitude E7450 i5, 16GB, Intel HD5500, 256GB SSD, 7
    i7 6700K, 32GB, Intel HD 530, 256GB M.2 SSD + 1TB HD, 10

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    Mar 2002
    west Lothian, Scotland.
    1. Prior to 11th April 2012...
    When working within 3HD...
    I had been unable to play videos in Youtube.
    Following advice given at the Puppy Forums...
    Here's what I did:
    (a) Installed Chrome-18 which includes its own flashplayer.
    That played Youtube videos just fine, but still Firefox wouldn't play them.

    (b) Installed Firefox-11.
    That fixed it! Youtube videos would now play in Firefox.
    This was on 11th April 2012.
    Didn't get around to fixing Lupu-528.005.

    2. I'm now working within Lupu-528.005, and about to install Chrome-18.
    OK, just installed Chrome-18, and it plays the George Carlin Youtube video just fine.
    Firefox still doesn't play it though.
    Wonder if I need to uninstall and re-install Firefox?
    That's what did the trick in 3HD.
    I'll give it a try and report back.
    Back from uninstalling Firefox and installing "" provided in the 3HD thread, and installed by me previously in 3HD, that produced a fix.
    It didn't produce a fix here in Lupu-528.005.
    I think I may have reported this problem previously in the Lupu-528.005 thread, but so far haven't been given any suggested fix.
    Perhaps time to report it again.
    Maybe the Puppy guys will come up with a solution.
    Last edited by Sylvander; 05-04-2012 at 06:50 PM.

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    Jan 2007
    At least I am not alone in this world...

    The sound is "trying" as there is a very faint occasional 'crackle' in the speakers as he 'appears' to be speaking. His other video on Global ******* in the side panel of the previous link to the video is working fine.

    Volume is tonally loud and full as properly functioning. So, I:
    Uninstalled all Adobe from Add/Remove
    then reloaded Adobe Flash Player online to the newest version as mentioned in PrntRhd's thread on the Adobe vulnerability (v11.2.202.235)

    Tried video, still sound only crackles.
    Rebooted, only crackles
    Deleted all Temp Int and Windows Temp files, rebooted and only crackles.
    Using 2 different softwares, D/L'ed one as mp4, another as mp3, both failed in audio

    This is a video I took with my digital camera of the Youtube video during play that I uploaded to Photobucket so you can hear the scratchy audio in the background (the speakers are a few feet behind the camera hence the weak audio signal).

    So far only one attempt at a solution which was to download the video on my laptop (which worked fine and is viewable/hearable on the laptop) then transfer the mp4 file to my DeskTop then trying to play it with Media Player Classic Home Cinema and VLC Media Player. Both results were the scratchiness as in the above link.

    This has me sooo baffled!!

    I may try uninstalling then reinstalling audio driver software or perhaps a Windows repair install later but if e-v-e-r-y other Youtube video online plays fine, I really don't see how either of those 2 will fix the problem?

    Will try more later, for now I need some fresh air!

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    Mar 2002
    Blog Entries
    Considering the age of the hardware, I wonder if this is simply an issue of no-longer-updated drivers. If you are using the drivers supplied by AOpen, then your drivers are from 2003 (likely tied to the support time of the mobo itself). From what I can tell, that mobo uses the Realtek ALC 650 codec, which is supported by Realtek directly (albeit with disclaimers about mobo manufacturer customization).

    I would try these direct-from-Realtek drivers, but with a certain degree of caution - such as taking an image before installing them. If they work, great! If not, just go back and try something else.

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    Mar 2002
    west Lothian, Scotland.
    1. WOOHOO!
    (a) My flashplayer is fixed!
    That George Carlin video now plays here in Lupu-528.005->Firefox-12.0->flashplayer11-
    Here's the post that gave the suggestion that produced the fix.
    Here's my reply explaining the detail of what I did to get it fixed.

    (b) I doubt the stuff that produced my fix will produce a fix for you, but you never know...
    Something in there may be useful to you.

    (c) I was beginning to wonder...
    [Just like saphaline]
    If your sound problem was due to a missing codec.
    But then, I'm no expert.

    (d) In this post...
    bigpup suggested this...
    Any chance the flashplayer config setting [for that particular webpage] are blocking the sound?

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    Jun 2001
    IL. USA
    Works fine for me Win 7 Ult and IE 9
    Lian Li PC-V2120X Black HPTX Full Tower
    EVGA P2-1600-X1 Power Supply
    ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS Dual LGA 2011-V3 Motherboard
    (2X) Intel Xeon E5-2699 V3
    128GB Crucial (8 x 32GB) LR-DIMM ECC REG 2133 DDR4
    Areca ARC-1880ix-12-4G SAS 6Gb/s w/ 4GB cache RAID Controller Card
    (4X) OCZ Talos 960GB 3.5" SAS 6Gb/s SSD
    (4X) Seagate Cheetah 15k.7 600GB SAS HDDs
    Pioneer BDR-205BKS Blu-Ray DVD Burner
    (2X) ASUS STRIX-GTX980-DC2OC-4GD5Video Cards
    (3X) Dell U3011 30" LCD monitors
    Win 7 Ultimate X64

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    Mar 2002
    west Lothian, Scotland.
    An alternative to flashplayer...
    For playing Youtube videos.
    It's a Firefox add-on = FlashVideoReplacer.

    Here's the thread about it at the Puppy Linux forums.

    Haven't tried it myself [not yet anyway].

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    Jan 2007
    Tried it after seeing your post Sylly, but it didn't help and also wasn't a fan of the lack of features plus the very laggy video. Already uninstalled entirely. But thanks for trying.

    Considering this is the only problem encountered so far with this build and the fact that I have other computers nearby which play the vid just fine, I'm not seeing a need to take some drastic measures/risks to further troubleshoot this issue. Audio is important to me and as long as it plays most other media fine, it will not be going much further under the knife of scrutiny. Until another Desktop is entirely ready to replace this one as my main Desktop, it will have to live with the flaw...

    With the household's to-do list growing and the weather finally breaking around here , this problem is going onto a back burner to simmer a bit and will only get attention occasionally (rainy day projects or until late Fall). Also, with such older hardware, it will not trouble me even if it is not eventually resolved. I managed to get a lot of mileage out of this now old rattle trap and have enjoyed every mile of the journey/ride, but not unlike a rusty ole Chevrolet, there's bound to be some parts taking to the wind or roadside/ditch/curb sooner or later...

    A little Bondo and it'll be ready for another 100 K miles...

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    Mar 2002
    west Lothian, Scotland.
    Puppy_Linux is famous for breathing new life into old hardware.

    Give it a try, and see what you think.

    Your hardware is MUCH superior to the hardware I'm using here.
    i.e. My hardware = 1000Mhz CPU, 768MB RAM, bought 2002.
    Doing all I ask of it when running Puppy.

    I like the idea of saving PC's from the landfill.

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    Jan 2007
    I forgot to mention in steps above that when I went to try Puppy Linux my CD was scratched and didn't load fully so I had to toss it out. Now I need to burn a new one and will try that soon.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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