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Thread: Stack Overflow error message

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    Post Stack Overflow error message

    Twice I've had a black screen with the error message:-
    "Stack overflow - increase settings in Config.sys file."
    I remember reading about altering this setting in increments of 4, but am uncertain about where to enter this. I have gone to the Config.sys tab in the System Configuration Utility box, but there are no existing settings to alter.
    Anyone know the answer?

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    IN system.ini, the [386enh] section, change or create a minsps entry. Axcel316 has a bunch of system.ini tweaks.


    Read the instructions and warnings before making any changes, and make any and all changes ONE AT A TIME so you know exactly what to undo in the case of problems.

    That said...the entry you would need in system.ini for this problem would be:


    under the [386Enh] section. You will probably have to create the entry, and it must be in multiples of 2 (4, 6, 8, 10, 12 etc). Each stack page takes 4KB of memory.

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    Really, then how come...

    I used a utility, TweakAll, once and increased my stack pages. You can use it, instead of editing system.ini, and do bunches of other things that other tweakers won't let you do. I love the overlay I designed to take the place of the stupid arrow which indicates that an icon is for a shortcut. Within a day of increasing stacks, though, I got a stack overflow. My system crashed utterly, and I ended up having to completely reinstall Windows. If increasing stacks can stop a stack overflow, how is it that it can also cause one??

    And could someone tell us if there is a difference between stacks and the swap file? If so, what? I keep running out of system resources and want to increase the swap file, but the option for doing it in Device Manager comes with dire warnings. How can one know what changes might be made to the swap? Any indicators? Any utilities to make the whole process more likely to be stable?

    If replying, please also send it as personal reply too. Thanks.

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