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Thread: how to format a hardisk

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    Question how to format a hardisk

    pls help thanks

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    OK, I'll try...a bit more info would be helpful though...

    First, you'll need a start up disk for your version of Windows, or a boot disk for your version of DOS.

    Next, you have to have the drive installed in the computer and partitioned. Use fdisk for this, it's on the bootdisk. How to fdisk a Hard Drive might help.

    Once the drive is partitioned, you'll have to reboot, and format the drive. Boot again to the start up disk, in Win98 choose Command Prompt Only, in DOS just type the following command from the A:\> prompt. I can't remember how the Win95 start up disk works, been a long time... At the A:\> prompt type:

    format_:_s using spaces where I put underscores ( _ ) Follow the on screen prompts.

    PC Guide's Hard Disk Partitioning and Formatting Procedure is another good link to check out.

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