Best Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming and Typing in 2023

best mechanical keyboard

If you’ve ever used a mechanical keyboard before, then you know that there is nothing else like it. The satisfying and consistent feel along with the reliable performance of the switches makes them ideal for gaming, and typing. If you haven’t used one before, then you are missing out on what typing and gaming could … Read more

Best Gaming Keyboards In 2023 (Mechanical, Wireless & RGB)

Best Gaming Keyboards 2019 (Mechanical, Wireless & RGB)

Today, we’re going to go over the best gaming keyboards for 2019. Whether you want mechanical, membrane, or don’t even know what you want yet, we have you covered. We’ve selected a diverse array of high-quality keyboards across various price ranges, each befitting a different niche for different types of PC gamers. In addition to … Read more

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard in 2023

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards

On the face of it, a budget mechanical keyboard may seem a little hard to find due to the cost and premium nature of the mechanical switches, materials used, and the tech that goes into them. Thankfully, now mechanical keyboards have become increasingly popular, one can only assume manufacturing costs have been reduced, enabling well-known … Read more

Cyber Monday Razer deals in 2022

Cyber Monday Razer Deals

Welcome to the page dedicated to finding the best Cyber Monday Razer deals. Let us help you save time and money spent searching for and buying those Razer bargains.   Razer makes all manner of ultra-desirable gaming-oriented goodies, such as mechanical keyboards, mice, and even laptops, all of which loosen wallets. So Cyber Monday could … Read more

Jellykey put coolest keycaps ever on sale

Have you ever heard of Jellykey? Perhaps not, but they make expensive artisan keycaps for mechanical keyboards. They basically put a work of art at your fingertips and the latest extremely limited edition feature arcade cabinets. You really need to take a look at the image and the video to see how cool these little … Read more

Best Amazon Prime Day 2022 Razer Deals

prime day razer deals

Razer deals are a regular fixture of Prime Day sales events, and so we’re confident we’ll see some discounts on the brand’s range of products this July. When any deals do appear, we’ll be highlighting them right here, so you can save this page to check back later. In the meantime, below is all the … Read more

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals in 2022

Prime Day Deals 2020

Amazon Prime Day is back once again, this year spanning July 12th and 13th. With it comes some of the best deals of the year on tech, including everything from 3D printers to monitors, home security to smartphones, and PC components to peripherals. A good thing then that we’re rounding up the best Amazon Prime … Read more

DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor review

Blackmagic Design’s push of bringing down the barrier to entry for video production has to be applauded. They take intensely expensive equipment and software but provide it at a much lower cost than either previous competitors or current. From their Netflix certified URSA Mini Pro – a 4.6K camera that you can now find under … Read more