How To Initialize SSD

Using an SSD (or Solid-State Drive) along with your regular hard drive is a great way to buff your computer’s performance and get the most out of your PC. SSDs add extra storage to your hard drive so you can store and process more data, more quickly. But before you can start using your SSD, … Read more

How To Format SSD

How To Format SSD

A solid state drive (or SSD) is a special type of drive that you can use to expand your computer’s memory. These drives are specially designed to allow you to access files much more quickly, which means they can help greatly speed up the performance of your machine.  However, before you can make use of … Read more

Samsung’s New 990 Pro SSDs Boast 7450 MB/s Speeds for 4K Video Editing, 3D Rendering, and More

990 PRO Internal SSD

Korean tech giant Samsung unveiled its all-new line of 990 Pro SSDs on Wednesday, Aug. 25th, built primarily for so-called “creative applications,” like data analysis, 3D rendering, and 4K video editing. Samsung announced the forthcoming launch of its 990 Pro SSDs in a blog post that underscores the “innovations in gaming, 4K and 8K technology.” … Read more

What Is An SSD?

What Is An SSD

What is a Solid State Drive? SSD stands for Solid State Drive (as HDD stands for hard-disk drive) and SDD essentially describes a type of hardware storage memory used in your computer. Understanding how this memory works can help you get a better understanding of how your data is stored, and how to protect it. … Read more

What Is SSD In Laptop?

What is SSD in laptop

In the world of tech and laptops, the idea of an SSD has become increasingly popular in recent years – but just what does this mean, should you be interested, and can it boost your laptop? We took a closer look to help you get the answers you need. What Is An SSD? The acronym … Read more