Every version of the Steam Deck prototype

Rummaging through the press releases for the Steam Deck presented something that you don’t often see from hardware manufacturers these days and that’s prototypes. Every version of the Steam Deck has been nicely laid out by Valve in one picture, painting a picture of just how disastrously wrong they could have gotten the new handheld. … Read more

Can you play Elden Ring on the Steam Deck?

Elden Ring, From Software’s latest dark fantasy action role-playing game, is doing gangbusters on the Steam charts, as well as on console, becoming one of the most played games concurrently on the PC platform of all time. The twisted take on dark fantasy, backed by a scenario written by Game of Thrones author George R.R. … Read more

How to save battery on Steam Deck

The Steam Deck might be launching soon and with a proposed battery charge between two and eight hours, it might not be sufficient for the really demanding games out there.  For comparison, other similar single-board computers like the AyaNeo which runs Windows can last around six hours. The Odin Pro – and subsequent Base models … Read more

Is Destiny 2 playable on Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck is nearly here and with the list of games ever-growing, it’s getting more and more nail-biting for those lucky few who managed to snag one at the right time whether or not their favourites are going to be ‘verified’ or whether they’re going to be relegated to being stuck in the workaround … Read more