Motorola MA1 lets you go wireless with Android Auto

Motorola M1

Bought or rented a car that’s been manufactured the last couple of years? The chances are it has Android Auto running the dashboard screen. Making Android devices safe to use whilst on the road, Android Auto utilizes the feature you need whilst driving by connecting to an Android-powered smartphone and using its features such as … Read more

How To Tell If AirPods Are Fake

How To Tell If AirPods are Fake

Since the iPhone, AirPods may be Apple’s most well-liked product. But you can always count on a lot of fakes to appear anytime a new successful product comes. There are hundreds of counterfeit AirPods brands available, and it can be challenging to distinguish the fakes at a first glance. There are a few techniques if … Read more

Black Friday smart coffee table deals in 2022

Black Friday Smart Coffee Table Deals

Welcome to the page dedicated to finding the best Black Friday smart coffee table deals. Smart coffee tables come in many different shapes, sizes, and configurations, but hopefully, you’ll find one you like here. Coffee tables show their smartness through clever storage, built-in fridges, USB charging points, and more to make your life easier. We’ll … Read more

*Latest* iPhone 14 pre-order date, prices, info

iphone 14 pre-order

Apple earlier this week, on September 7th, debuted the iPhone 14 line of smartphones and the highly advanced Apple Watch Series 8 during its “Far Out” event, highlighting enhanced camera systems, faster processing, and stunning new colors. The iPhone 14 will sport some incredible new internals, including all-new SOS features, crash detection, and all-day battery … Read more

Is the iPhone 11 still worth it?

Since Apple is about to unveil the all-new iPhone 14, the company’s phone lineup is bound to shift. Apple will most certainly discontinue support for older models, and the iPhone 11 may be one of the models that will no longer be supported or receive updates in the future. Despite the fact that the iPhone … Read more

Beats Fit Pro Vs AirPods Pro

Beats Fit Pro Vs AirPods Pro-2

The Beats Fit Pro and the AirPods Pro are the two of the best options for higher-end wireless headphones. But because both headphones are from equally reputable brands (Beats and Apple), and are similarly priced with each regularly getting discounted or included in bundles, it can be hard to choose which is best. This decision … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max – Which one is better?

Which is better? Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max? This will be the big question on everyone’s lips this year at two technology giants from opposing sides fights for your pockets. Both are great choices, but they run on entirely different operating systems and utilize completely different ecosystems.  Which one should you … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – When is the release date for the tech giant’s next big handset?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Release Date

Samsung Unpacked Part Two is happening on October 20th at 10 AM ET, but Android users’ eyes and pockets are already looking toward Christmas and the new year for a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra release date. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Release Date Users are currently looking forward to two upcoming Samsung Android handsets, Samsung Galaxy … Read more