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Is the Galaxy S23 camera good?

What we know about the new Galaxy S23 camera
Last Updated on May 1, 2023
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The new Samsung Galaxy S23 has finally arrived. If you are thinking of upgrading to this new phone you may be wondering: Is the Galaxy S23 camera good?

Samsung has held a firm spot as one of the best smartphone producers on the market. Their cameras always perform well and set the standard for what we expect from our mobile devices. Its predecessor, the Galaxy S22 has a phenomenal camera. During its release, we saw small effective improvements, particularly in low-light photography.

At one point last year, it even held the spot as the best smartphone camera on the market. Although, as the year wrapped up the Google Pixel 6a soon took that top position. Let’s have a look at the released camera specifications on the new Galaxy S23.

Galaxy S23 camera specs

Thanks to Samsung, we have a full picture of how these cameras shape up. Bear in mind, we have not had the chance to use the phones ourselves, so we will just have to go off the details Samsung has provided.

S23S23+S23 Ultra
Main Camera50MP50MP200MP
Telephoto Camera10MP10MPTwo telephoto cameras at 10MP
Ultra-Wide Camera12MP12MP12 MP
Selfie Camera12MP 12MP12 MP
FeaturesSpace Zoom (3x Optical Zoom)


Tracking AF
Space Zoom (3x Optical Zoom)


Tracking AF
Space Zoom
(3x, 10x Dual Optical Zoom)
(Super Resolution Zoom up to 100x)

Laser AF

It looks like Samsung sent most of its camera updates to the S23 Ultra. The premium flagship gets a monster upgrade of a 200MP main camera with up to 10x optical zoom.

Expect to see better nighttime photography, higher-res images, and quicker autofocus. The S23 Ultra’s video stabilization will also get an upgrade thanks to the wider OIS angle.

The S23 and S23+ cameras are still pretty impressive at 50MP and 3x optical zoom. However, we only witnessed a few upgrades at Samsung’s launch event this week. The two smartphones will be able to shoot videos at 8K 30fps – an upgrade from 8K 24fps on the S22.

All the models will receive a new 12MP selfie camera, set to improve nighttime portraits. This camera will also support Super HDR and video shooting at 4K 60fps.

Those who enjoy astrophotography will be glad to hear that Samsung has launched a new feature called Astro Hyperlapse. It allows you to take a time-lapse video starting at 300x speed at night. This is a pretty neat feature and will allow you to capture unique star trails.

Final thoughts

On the topic of whether the Galaxy S23 camera will be better than the Galaxy S22 – it most definitely will be. Samsung is great at releasing competitive cameras and we expect nothing less from the new flagship.

But, until we get a proper hands-on look at the phone we won’t truly know how well the camera holds up. If grabbing this new smartphone is something you are looking to do. Be sure to read our page showing you how to Reserve the Samsung Galaxy S23 now.

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