Best Alexa Playlists – For Hits, Viral Songs and More

Make the Most of Alexa: Discover the Best Playlists for Your Needs

Best Alexa Playlists

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Looking to play some music on your Alexa and relax at the end of the day? We have sorted things out for you if you want to listen to good music.

The good thing is that many custom playlists are available on Amazon Music. You can choose anyone based on your current mood. 

Here are some of the best you can try out right now.

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What are the Top 10 Alexa Playlists You Need to Listen to?

A cheerful man listening to one of the best Alexa playlists

Country Heat

You can indulge in this playlist as it is a true emotional roller coaster. It’s a country mix that Amazon curates, and it is created for the ecstatic, uplifted, and even the heartbroken.

Every tone in this playlist is relatable, so this is the right option for you to cater to those mixed feelings. 

All Hits

This mix playlist offers you a list of songs that are the trendiest across the globe. You will find all those new tunes you frequently find on TikTok. It’s a list of upbeat and groovy music if you want to freshen up your mood or stay awake. 

Classical Focus

You must go for this playlist if you are working or studying and need more focus. It will help boost your brainpower and calm your nerves. 

Mellow 80s Gold

If you miss those radio hits from the back, this is the right playlist. It will bring back the memories of the good old days. 

Viral Hits

In this playlist, you can find very popular songs on the internet. You can listen to the full version of all those songs you listen to on TikTok frequently. You will be surprised to discover that some of these hits are classic songs. It’s a pretty long playlist that will take over 3 hours for you to explore. 

Classic Rock Hits

Want to go for some old-school rock music? This is the right playlist you can go for. You can take out your favorite Queen T-shirt and wear that as you rock this playlist. There is nothing like the classic rock music from the golden days. 

Oldies Hits

Playing this list will be a nostalgia ride for you. The playlist features some greatest hits from the 50s to 70s era. It is ideal for you to sing along to this fun music, from the Beach Boys to the Beatles. 

Acoustic Chill

It’s a pretty chill playlist that is perfect for relaxing and unwinding. It features contemporary and acoustic arthritis, so you can grab some hot coffee and prepare for a lazy afternoon. 

Pop Culture

This playlist features more than 2.5 hours of pop hits, and it’s an ideal choice for you to listen to if you are in a dancing and singing mood. It’s the right option for you for those bathroom concerts, you know. But don’t worry, only Alexa will hear you, and she won’t tell anyone. 

Classical Solo Piano

This is a 5-hour playlist long, and it is filled with some timeless tunes played on piano. This playlist is ideal for a romantic night with your partner or alone. But, then, you need to go and grab your PJs with a glass of some liquor.

Some other options you can explore 

There are some other options you can explore. You can go for:


And that is the end of our list. There are tens or hundreds of playlists that you can find. These are only some of them to get you started.

If you want to try it, Alexa will have a quality playlist for you.