Can ChatGPT do Photoshop?

How the world's most popular AI chatbot can aid with graphic design.

Can ChatGPT do Photoshop tasks?

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We all know how capable ChatGPT is with words. And we also know that Photoshop can also work with AI. So, is there a way we can merge Photoshop and ChatGPT to simplify your image creation workflow? Well, not really, but that’s not all.

Can ChatGPT work in Photoshop?

ChatGPT cannot work with Photoshop as it is a language model and doesn’t have access to any software. However, it can help you write code for Photoshop, teach you how to use it, and give you ideas for creating in Photoshop.

Using ChatGPT for writing Photoshop code

You can use ChatGPT to write code for Photoshop by giving it instructions to perform specific tasks. For example, you can tell ChatGPT to create a new layer, add a gradient, or adjust the brightness and contrast of an image. ChatGPT will provide you with the code you can use in Photoshop to perform these tasks.

Using ChatGPT to learn Photoshop

You can also ask ChatGPT to teach you how to use Photoshop by giving it specific commands. For instance, you can ask ChatGPT to show you how to crop an image, remove a background, or add text to an image. It will provide you with step-by-step instructions that you can follow in Photoshop.

Using ChatGPT for Photoshop ideas

Finally, you can use ChatGPT to generate ideas for creating in Photoshop. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to suggest logo or poster designs. It will provide you with a range of ideas you can choose from or use as inspiration for your design.

Is there a ChatGPT Photoshop Plugin?

No, there isn’t a ChatGPT Photoshop plugin. However, you can use it through its API to generate code, instructions, or ideas for Photoshop.

Can you use code in Photoshop?

Yes, you can use code in Photoshop. You can write scripts in various programming languages, such as Python or JavaScript, to perform specific tasks in Photoshop. These scripts can help you automate repetitive tasks or perform complex operations that are impossible with the standard Photoshop tools.


Although ChatGPT cannot work in Photoshop, it can be a helpful tool in your Photoshop tasks. You can use it to write code, teach you how to use Photoshop, and give you ideas for creating in Photoshop.