Chat GPT 5 release date prediction – The next OpenAI model

What we know about OpenAI's GPT-5.

OpenAI's GPT-5 release date prediction rumors.

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Chat GPT 5 release date predictions are starting to fly in anticipation of what will be OpenAI’s most advanced large language model yet. Is OpenAI working on GPT 5 yet, and if so, when is GPT 5 coming out? OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is set to change the digital world once again when it does. The release of GPT-5 was initially tapped for December 2023 by ex-board member Elon Musk. With that now disproven, here’s everything we know so far about the next best AI Chatbot and rumored Chat GPT 5 release date.

Chat GPT 5 release date prediction

GPT-4, OpenAI’s current flagship AI model, is now a mature foundation model. With GPT-4V and GPT-4 Turbo released in Q4 2023, the firm is ending the year strong. However, there has been little in the way of official announcements from OpenAI on their next version.

At an MIT event in April, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman shared that they are not currently training GPT-5 at that time. Since then, the chief executive has sought new funding from key investor Microsoft to build a new superintelligence.

Sharing the stage with Satya Nadella at OpenAI DevDay, the firm’s first developer conference, Altman reminisced “I think we have the best partnership in tech. I’m excited for us to build AGI together.”

Elon Musk dared to elaborate more in an interview with Tucker Carlson, stating that not only will there be a massive expansion of GPT-4-based systems but that GPT-5 will be out by the end of 2023. Despite Musk’s ties to the company, it was not an official company announcement and was evidently not true.

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FAQ – When is Chat GPT 5 coming out?

It seems to leave us in a pretty good place. That being said, we don’t think OpenAI’s next large language model, GPT-5, will be just around the corner. GPT-4.5 will most likely be the next model to succeed GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4V, and the GPT-4 foundation model, in that order. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said in mid-2023 that OpenAI had not even begun work on GPT-5 at that time.

We expect more information and updates to start trickling through over these next few months, with more concrete updates from the AI pioneer in 2024.

In more recent news, we learned that OpenAI has filed a trademark for GPT-5. This further confirms our suspicions that a GPT-5 model is in the works. Sadly, it’s unlikely that the next foundation model will arrive before Q3 2024. However, we will be keeping a close eye out for further updates as we edge closer to its potential release date.

OpenAI's upcoming AI model Chat GPT 5, is now a registered trademark ahead of its release.
OpenAI’s upcoming AI model, Chat GPT 5, is now a registered trademark ahead of its release.

What do we know about Chat GPT-5?

As of now, there is limited information available about the upcoming GPT-5, the potential future iteration of OpenAI’s language model. Given the advancements made with each previous version, GPT-5 could bring further refinements in AI capabilities. It is speculated that GPT-5 could bring us closer to seeing Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Until an official announcement from OpenAI, we can only speculate on the features and release date of GPT-5 and the update of the AI chat bot ChatGPT.

When was GPT-4 released?

The GPT-4 model was released on March 14th, 2023. It can interpret and answer human-written text queries and has the multimodal capabilities to understand images as inputs. With a reduced inference time, it can process information at a quicker rate than any of the company’s previous AI models.

Moreover, it says on the internet that, unlike its previous models, GPT-4 is only free if you are a Bing user. It is now confirmed that you can access GPT-4 if you are paying for ChatGPT’s subscription service, ChatGPT Plus. Microsoft, who invested billions in GPT’s parent company, OpenAI, clarified that the latest GPT is powered with the most enhanced AI technology.

When was GPT-3 released?

GPT-3, the third iteration of OpenAI’s groundbreaking language model, was officially released in June 2020.

As one of the most advanced AI language models, it garnered significant attention from the tech world. The release of GPT-3 marked a milestone in the evolution of AI, demonstrating remarkable improvements over its predecessor, GPT-2.

When will Chat GPT 5 be released?

ChatGPT 5 is a colloquialism that combines ChatGPT (the software product) with GPT-5 (The AI model it will make use of) even though these are two separate things. Bing Chat also uses GPT4, the same AI model that ChatGPT currently runs on, and benefits from less confusion because GPT doesn’t feature anywhere in the name.

Unfortunately, there is no concrete information yet relating to when OpenAI will update its chatbot to use GPT5. We speculate that it will most likely be in Q3 2024 at the earliest. But when exactly? Well, we cannot be certain. To be fair, neither does OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, who on June 7th, 2023 admitted to the Financial Times that “we have a lot of work to do before GPT 5. It takes a lot of time for it. We are not certainly close to it,” adding that it is unclear what “the timeline of the next GPT” will be.


No one can concretely predict the Chat GPT 5 release date. As such, no one knows when ChatGPT 5 is coming out. However, OpenAI has been continuing progress on its LLMs at a rapid rate. If Elon Musk’s rumors are correct, we might in fact see the announcement of OpenAI GPT-5 a lot sooner than anticipated. If Sam Altman (who has much more hands-on involvement with the AI model) is to be believed, Chat GPT 5 is coming out in 2024 at the earliest. Each wave of GPT updates has seen the boundaries of what artificial intelligence technology can achieve. At least one thing is for sure; Will there be a GPT5? Conclusively, yes.

So, we’re stuck with GPT-4 for now. I say this tongue-in-cheek because GPT4 is already more than enough for most tasks. Especially the more recent upgrades to the foundation model, namely GPT-4V and GPT-4 Turbo.