GPT-5 Release Date Prediction

Anticipating the Future of Language Models

GPT-5 Release Date Prediction

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GPT-5 is the predicted next step for OpenAI, having only recently released its latest GPT model, GPT-4, and if you’re like us you’ll be itching to know its release date.

Here, we round up all the information we know so far about GPT-5, what it could improve on, and ultimately make an informed prediction as to when we could expect it.

GPT-5 Release Date Prediction

With GPT-4 still new to the game and ChatGPT still very much in the spotlight, there has been little in the way of official announcements from OpenAI on their next version.

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However, recently at an event at MIT, Sam Altman, OpenAi’s CEO and co-founder, confirmed that they are not currently training GPT-5 at this time.

So where does this leave us when it comes to making a prediction? Honestly, it doesn’t leave us with much to go on. That being said, we don’t think OpenAi’s next large language model, GPT-5, will be just around the corner, in fact, it could be a good few years yet.

We expect more information and updates to start trickling through over the rest of the year, but we’re also expecting more concrete information towards 2024.

What Do We Know About GPT-5?

As of now, there is limited information available about the upcoming GPT-5, the potential future iteration of OpenAI’s language model. Given the advancements made with each previous version, GPT-5 could bring further refinements in AI capabilities. It is speculated that GPT-5 could bring us closer to seeing Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Until an official announcement from OpenAI, we can only speculate on the features and release date of GPT-5.

When Was GPT-4 Released?

The GPT-4 was released a few days back, on 14th March 2023. It can interpret and answer human-written text queries and explain images to their best resemblance.

Moreover, it says on the internet that, unlike its previous models, the GPT-4 is only free if you are a Bing user. Microsoft, who invested billions in GPT’s parent company, OpenAI, clarified that the latest GPT is powered with the most enhanced AI technology.

When Was GPT-3 Released?

GPT-3, the third iteration of OpenAI’s groundbreaking language model, was officially released in June 2020.

As one of the most advanced AI language models, it garnered significant attention from the tech world. The release of GPT-3 marked a milestone in the evolution of AI, demonstrating remarkable improvements over its predecessor, GPT-2.


No one is currently sure about the exact release date of the GPT-5. We expect the release date to circulate over the internet at least a year after the GPT-4 release date. However, many users are already predicting the year of its release, which are merely rumors unless OpenAI confirms it.

So, sit tight and enjoy the latest GPT-4 for some time now.