‘This Person Is Unavailable On Messenger’ – Answers

Can't contact someone on Messenger? Try this guide

This Person Is Unavailable On Messenger

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If you’ve gone on Facebook Messenger, you may have seen this error message appear via the chat function. Sometimes, it’s a little baffling to understand what exactly this means and why it has appeared. Luckily, we’ve created a handy guide to help you understand more about why this error message has occurred and everything about it.

What Does “This Person Is Unavailable On Messenger” Mean?

The first thing that you need to know is that this person is not available on messenger. This can be because they are busy or offline. It could also mean that they don’t want to talk to you right now.

Why Has The Error Message Appeared?

Now, let’s take a look at why this has happened. There are two main reasons as to why this message has been displayed:

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They’re Busy

The person you are trying to message may have changed their settings so that messages are not sent at this time.

They Don’t Want To Talk To You Right Now

The person you are trying to message may have blocked you. You will not be able to successfully message them until they unblock you.

They May Have Deleted Their Account

It’s also possible that the person has deleted their Facebook Messenger (or Facebook) account entirely or applied for a temporary deactivation.

You will be able to message them again if they return to Facebook and reactivate their account.

There’s A Bug

One less likely reason is that yours or their version of the messenger app is not updated or there’s a bug that is causing sending issues.

How Can I Fix The Problem?

Getting rid of this error message is not entirely straightforward unless you know the reason it has appeared. However, you can try the following things.



Update The Messenger App

Make sure that your messenger app is up-to-date. Make sure that it says ‘Installed’ next to the Messenger icon.

If it doesn’t say installed then update it by clicking on the app in the top left-hand corner of your phone.



Check Your Settings

If you are having trouble messaging someone, check your settings. Go into your profile and click on the cogwheel symbol in the bottom right-hand corner.

Click on the settings tab and make sure that your privacy settings are set correctly.



Clear All Messages From The Other User

If you are still receiving this error message even after updating the messenger app and checking your settings, then you should clear all other messages from the other user.

Go back to your profile page and open the conversation with the other user. Then press the three dots icon in the top right-hand corner. Select ‘Delete All’.



Reach Out For Help

First up, if you have another method to contact the other user, try reaching out to them and asking if they are aware you cannot message them.

If they don’t know and none of the above methods work – consider looking at Facebook’s help center.



Restart Your Device

If you and the person you’re trying to contact are having no luck with these methods, try to restart your devices and see if this helps.

How To Check Which Problem Is Correct

It’s always best to check which problem is more likely.



The User Has Blocked You

You can check if the person has blocked you by either asking other Facebook users to see if they’re still on the platform for them or checking previous correspondence (or even your memories).

If you’ve noticed that your tags have been removed and your memories are missing, they’ve likely blocked you.



Software Problems

If it’s clear that they have not blocked you, updating and restarting the apps and devices should solve the problem.

The Bottom Line

The ‘This Person Is Unavailable On Messenger’ message is likely because the other user has either left Facebook or has blocked you, but it’s also possible that there’s a concern from Facebook’s side.

As soon as you know why, you can solve the problem.