Whatsapp To Non Contact – How To Contact Them

For thlse wanting to send a WhatsApp message to a non contact this article will show you how

Whatsapp To Non Contact

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Normally to send a message to a person you must first save them as a contact in your phone. However, this can be time-consuming and unnecessary. Especially, if you only wish to message the person once or prevent the person from seeing your profile picture or status for example, as they can be hidden by selecting the ‘My Contacts’ privacy setting. There is no official method, but luckily there are ways to send a WhatsApp message to a non-contact, and this article will go over the methods in which this can be achieved.

Some of the methods include using the browser version of WhatsApp to get around saving a number. Third-party apps can also be used in order to send messages through WhatsApp without having to save someone’s phone number to your contact list. The use of third-party apps does come with some risk as it could compromise your security and result in your WhatsApp account being banned.

How To Send WhatsApp To Non-Contact

Below we’ll go over the different ways in which you can send a message to a non-contact on Whatsapp.



WhatsApp Web Browser

This works on both iPhone and Android device

  1. Open the web browser on your Android/iOS phone and in the address bar use the link hhttp:wa.me/xxxxxxxxxx
  2. The ‘xxxxxxxxxx ‘ refers to the person’s phone full international format phone number. The first digits will be the country code and the rest will be the person’s phone number.
  3. Tap enter to open the  WhatsApp webpage
  4. Click on the ‘Continue to chat’ button
  5. Now you can talk with the person



Siri Shortcut

This only works for those with an iPhone that has Siri enabled.

    1. Download the Siri Shortcuts app
    2. Open the app and switch over to the Gallery tab and add a shortcut and use it once
    3. Go to settings, then shortcuts, and now enable ‘Allow Untrusted Shortcuts’. Doing so will allow you to use unofficial shortcuts.
    4. Download the ‘WhatsApp To Non-Contact’ shortcut
    5. You can now use this shortcut from the ‘My Shortcuts’ tab
    6. Once open enter the unsaved number and the country code and you will be taken to a WhatsApp chat with the non-contact.



Third-Party Apps

Downloading a third-party app such as ‘Easy Message’ can allow you to send messages without saving the mobile number. This guide is for ‘Easy Message ‘ but other apps will have a similar process.

    1. Download the app on the Google Play Store or App Store
    2. Enter the full international format of the phone number
    3. Press ‘Start Chat in WhatsApp’



WhatsApp Group

If you are in a group with the person you wish to message you can send a message without saving the recipient’s phone number.

    1. Tap on the group name.
    2. Scroll down until you see the participants and choose ‘View all’.
    3. Select the person you wish to message and press the ‘message’ button.

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp is constantly updating and adding features to its app but still to this day there is no official way to send messages on WhatsApp to a non-contact. With these handy tips, however, you can now send messages to numbers that you haven’t saved giving you improved privacy and protection. 

Privacy has become a concern amongst users of WhatsApp and has caused them to flock to alternatives such as Signal. if you want to know how WhatsApp and Signal compare then check out our article on the two messaging apps.

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