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Where to buy Core i9 13900KS – expected retailers

The info and leaks you need to Intel's new top dog
Last Updated on January 12, 2023
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If you’ve been waiting and biding your time to get the right Intel 13th Gen processor, you may be tempted to buy the Core i9 13900KS. The new top-tier variant from Intel arrives imminently, and we’ll lay out the key details and links that you need below.

The ‘KS’ variants of Intel’s CPUs are overclockable like regular ‘K’ series CPUs from the company, with un unlocked multiplier allowing for performance gains. Meanwhile, the ‘S’ denotes improved performance (you can think of it as ‘superior’). Should you buy a Core i9 13900KS you will certainly get a superior processor.

Why the 13900KS?

Intel stated this KS will be the first to break 6GHz without an overclock – yep, right out of the packaging. That’s in the processor’s P (performance) cores, where it boosts to 6GHz under load. That’s compared to the, still phenomenal, 5.4GHz of the i9 13900K.

Additionally, the new variant offers a minor 0.2GHz improvement in the base clock of P cores. All other key details about the processor remain the same, including default and boost TDPs.

Having said that, the cost of the new KS is expected to be around 22 percent more than the original 13900K. So, while the prior CPU is available for around $600, we may expect a price of around $750 for the newcomer.

Buy Intel Core i9-13900KS – links

Here’s where we expect you’ll be able to buy the Core i9-13900KS.

Intel Core i9 13900KS Specs (vs 13900K)

CPUCoresThreadsBase ClockBoost ClockL3 cacheTDPIntegrated GPU
13900KSP8, E1632P 3.2GHz, E 2.2GHzP 6GHz, E 4.3GHz36MB125WIntel UHD 770
13900KP8, E1632P 3.0GHz, E 2.2GHzP 5.4GHz, E 4.3GHz36MB125WIntel UHD 770

Core i9 13900KS release date

The Core i9 13900K is expected to release on Thursday, January 12. The launch comes just days after the new ‘non-X’ AMD series of processors, while Team Blue has also recently launched a slew of other new CPUs – like the Core i5 13400 to fill out its 13th Gen family in almost every conceivable way.

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