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Is Intel i3 Better Than i5?

Last Updated on April 26, 2023
Is Intel i3 Better Than i5
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You come across many decision-making points and options that all play a vital role in building a CPU. Choosing a processor is among these options, which requires a lot of digging before selecting the right one. So, if you ever find yourself between choosing Intel’s i3 or i5. Don’t worry. We will help you with the details below for better and quick decision-making.

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Core i3

If you are looking for basic gaming support, the Core i3 can be your best bet. They are an excellent choice for casual gamers and are cost-effective. Intel i3 is still available in the market with five lines of its models. Each model line comes with its niche. The processors marked with (T) are the lowest powered in its lineup. 

At the same time, those marked with (K) are the highest ones in the overclockable models. Other than that, Core i3 even considered some of their non-modified models. Since the design only suits casual gamers for their budget gaming, therefore, there is no turbo boost unlocked in any of its models. This means they can’t auto-overclock when overheated.

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Core i5

The Core i5 also has different models, like the Core i3. This includes the non-modified, overclockable (K), and low-powered (T) models. The first difference between these sets of processors is that there is a Turbo Boost feature in the i5 series. 

This makes up for better efficiency since it helps the processor to go idle when not in use. I5-8400T is an example of one of these models. It only takes 35W TDP with idling down to the speed of 1.7 GHz to save energy. But it still has enough power to keep running most of the games. TDP is an important factor to consider in a processor. It is because a lower TDP will mean the processor is consuming lower power by generating lesser heat too.

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CPU Cores

The Core i5 will offer better CPU performance than an i3 Core. Core i3 has a dual-core option, whereas i5 CPUs have dual-core and quad-core variants. Apart from the threads and core, the CPUs’ generation also makes a difference. The new generation is better for gaming and offers improved performance.

Cache Memory

Cache memory comes into play for CPU performance. It can quickly access the files needed to finish the already opened tasks. Core i5 offers larger Cache memory to finish tasks more quickly. It can do various tasks like editing spreadsheets and making calculations other than gaming. However, the i5 comes with 6MB of L3 cache memory compared to a 3 or 4MB of L3 cache memory in Core i3.

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Turbo Boosting Function

Intel processors have a Turbo Boosting feature that allows them to run faster than their base clock speed. Base speed refers to the speed at which the processor can run while carrying the minimum load. Most i5 processors have a turbo speed option, and 15-4300U is a good example. Even though the base speed is 1.9 GHz, its core can boost up to 2.9 GH during heavy workloads. On the contrary, the Core i3 has no Turbo boosting at all.

Integrated Graphics

Westmere generation introduced different newer benefits and features of core processors. It includes building integrated graphics on the core of the processor itself. The integrated graphics were previously built on the motherboard chipsets rather than the processors. But it is not necessary as it depends on the release and the generation of the generation. However, by default, the latest generation’s latest release tends to perform the best.

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Price matters the most when building any CPU or the whole computer. It’s clear that the Core i5 is the better option but would be expensive compared to the core i3, which is comparatively a cheaper option. 

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But then again, being a costly option, it delivers far better performance and has better features. They are better at gaming, media content creation, and even multitasking. So, if you have issues like slow processing speed or a slow PC, i5 can be an excellent option.


The above comparison clearly shows that the Core i5 is far better than the Core i3 CPU. Core i3 cannot handle intense gaming, heavy programming, media-related intense work, or multitasking compared to Core15, which does it all far better. Therefore, if budget is not an issue, we recommend going for the latter one for long-term peace of mind.

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