Where to buy Intel Core i7-13700K

Where to buy the high-end Raptor Lake processor

Intel Core i7

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The launch of the high-end 13th Gen Raptor Lake processor is near, so if you’re wondering where to buy Intel Core i7-13700K, you’re in the right place. We’re bringing you everything we know about the newest i7 CPU in the lineup, from its price to where you can expect to find it.

There’s much speculation around the latest processor generation, with this particular model serving as a middle ground between mainstream and enthusiast. That’s why knowing where to buy Intel Core i7-13700K processors is so important. Below we’ve highlighted which retailers are stocking the processor.

Intel Core i7-13700K retailers

The Intel Core i7-13700K will launch on October 20 with an MSRP of $449.99. Fortunately, many pre-order and landing pages are already available for the chipset, so less there’s speculation around when and where. We’ve compiled all the best retailers in the US, the UK, and Canada.




Intel Core i7-13700K specs

The Intel Core i7-13700K is a 16-core processor with 24 threads. It’s easy the most powerful i7 to date. There’s a max boost clock of up to 5.4 GHz, too.

The chipset once again runs on the Intel 7 10mm process, as the second Hybrid architecture CPU. The processor supports both DDR4 and DDR5 as well. That’s what makes Raptor Lake so promising.

Intel Core i7-13700K performance

We don’t yet have verified numbers or benchmarks for the Core i7 13700K performance. Once we do you’ll know about it, but we’re anticipating a real step-change against Alder Lake, owing to improvements including the increased P (performance) and E (Efficient) cores.

We’ll be updating our main Intel 13th Gen hub with the latest information on launch day, including performance for processors we can verify benchmarks for.

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