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Safemars is a protocol that generates yield and liquidity on its own.

Each transaction at Safemars is taxed at 4%. Using this tax, for example, a gas-free 2% distribution is made to the holders of Safemars instantly. In order to increase the supply of Safemars, there is no need to farm or claim. To keep the Safemars price floor at its current level, 2% of BNB is paired with it and automatically added to the liquidity.

It is stated that each transaction will automatically distribute the rewards to holders, as well as permanently lock the liquidity by burning BNB/Safemars LP tokens.  The team claims that the token is “unruggable” because these daily burns are publicly visible on the blockchain.

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Safemars went live on March 13th, 2021, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 (one quadrillion) Safemars in circulation at launch.

Black hole addresses were used to burn 53.5 percent of the supply after the launch. In addition, it receives a portion of each transaction fee, which it then uses up. As a result, there will be fewer SafeMars tokens in circulation, which could have an impact on the price.

Three developers and five marketers work together to create Safemars. The only person who has access to the team wallet is the main developer, known as @TheCryptoMartian on Twitter. All questions and concerns can be addressed in real-time on Telegram.

Even when compared to other altcoins, SafeMars has a number of warning signs that this token is a high-risk investment. The token’s low liquidity makes it vulnerable to market manipulation because of its low market cap.

Tokens are only useful for holding at the moment, as they have no real value.



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Where can you buy Safemars?

MEXC,, BKEX, Hoo, and PancakeSwap (V2) are the best cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Safemars stock at the current rate.

What is Yield Farming?

What is “yield farming” in the context of decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies, and how does it work? To sum up, it’s an innovative method for earning passive income while supporting the growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

Farmers use the term “yield” to describe the amount of food produced on their land. The term “yield” in cryptocurrency refers to the amount of interest a user can earn on a cryptocurrency each year. Keeping tokens in a staking wallet or receiving masternode rewards can produce a yield.

The investment strategy known as “yield farming” uses a cryptocurrency lending strategy to reduce risk while still earning interest on cryptocurrency investments.

Is it worth investing in Safemars?

There are numerous signs that SafeMars is an extremely risky investment, even when compared to other altcoins. The token’s low liquidity makes it vulnerable to market manipulation because of the token’s low market capitalization.

The token has no real value and is only suitable for storage at this time.