Burger King to reward customers with BTC, ETH or DOGE Cryptocurrency

I'll have a Whopper with a side of crypto please

burger king crypto

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If you’re a crypto non-believer, as BTC hits record highs and certain NFTs are only going up in value, you’re not going to like another huge bit of news we’re about to give you. The ever-popular fast-food chain Burger King is now rewarding its loyal customers with cryptocurrency, little to no strings attached. 

To aid the franchise in its crypto efforts, it has partnered with Robinhood to do so. BK Royal Perks customers have the chance to be rewarded with BTC, ETH, or DOGE from a pool of coins the chain has. Naturally, as each of these coins differs in value, as do the chances of receiving them. The pool breakdown is as follows; 20 Bitcoin, 200 Ethereum, and 2 million Dogecoin. This translates to a huge majority of users being rewarded with DOGE, a one in 10,000 chance of receiving ETH, and a one in 100,000 chance of getting the elusive BTC.

These crypto rewards will last for three weeks from Monday and are available for those who spend more than $5 via the Burger King app. Unfortunately, this is restricted to US citizens only, so those of you eagerly loading up the app in various countries around the world to have a chance of adding some digital currency to your wallet, you’re going to be left wanting. You will also need a Robinhood account. This is due to it being the crypto partner in this giveaway, and the only way in which you can redeem your prize is through inputting a code on Robinhood’s brokerage.

This is a huge step forward in cryptocurrency adoption as a whole and will not only increase the number of people actually getting into the crypto game, it’ll entice people to learn more about the ins and outs of this revolutionary technology as another big company wades into the Blockchain waters.

Now go out and get yourself a Whopper and you could bag a nice little added extra, on the house!