75Hz Samsung Curved Monitor gets a pleasing price drop post-Cyber Monday

Utilize the 1080p resolution with Samsung's Curved Monitor right here.

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If you’ve been out for a decent 1080p monitor experience, we’ve found another sweet post-Cyber Monday deal just for you. The Samsung 27-inch S36C Curved Monitor is now on sale, and you have a chance to save 23% off the previous price to snatch it. Originally $195.30, Amazon’s deal has seen the monitor drop to $149.99, giving you a greater opportunity to get your hands on it. Providing a 75Hz refresh rate bundled with AMD’s FreeSync technology, this one will satisfy gamers with 1080p optimized PC builds, and be competent enough for casual users.

Surprisingly the aftermath of Cyber Monday has led to some deals remaining active, so don’t take this for granted.

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SAMSUNG 27-Inch S36C 1800R 75Hz Curved Monitor

AMD FreeSync Curved Monitor, Black

Need to know what makes this monitor right for you? Take a look at all the pivotal specifications and features.

Samsung 27-inch S36C 1800R 75Hz Curved Monitor’s Best Features

  • 1800R Curved Screen: Enhance your viewing experience, with the S36C’s curved screen helping to immerse yourself in games, movies, or TV shows.
  • 75Hz Refresh Rate: Push your monitor’s smoothness up another notch, with a jump above the standard 60Hz. Suitable for gamers and intense multiplayer games.
  • Eye Saver/Flicker Free Technology: Working long hours at your screen? The S36C’s Eye Saver mode and Flicker Free technology will eliminate issues with eye straining and flickering. Pivotal for those who watch movies or play games.
  • AMD FreeSync: Avoid screen tearing issues that plague your visual experience in your games with AMD’s FreeSync technology. Designed to lock your application, video, or game’s frame rate to that of your monitor.

Is the Samsung 27-inch S36C 1800R 75Hz Curved Monitor worth it?

For those who plan to utilize a monitor for simple activities or work from home, this is an ideal choice. Its simple design and slim bezel will support your setup keeping it compact and tidy. For those who aim to attain this for gaming purposes, this is a decent option, especially in comparison to many other monitors currently available. While the AMD FreeSync, 75Hz refresh rate, and curved screen features adhere to gaming usage, there are better alternatives at a 1440p resolution around the same price, with similar features. Nonetheless, this is still a strong option for those who are strictly out for a 1080p experience, with a PC build that adheres to it.

What you can get in preparation for this monitor?

While this isn’t necessarily classed as a gaming monitor, it can still very much fulfill gaming needs. In that case, here is a collection of 1080p capable PCs on sale.

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