The best smartphone deals from a certified phone-head this Prime Day

The finest Prime Day phone deals on Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Google Pixel and more - don't miss out and regret it!

The samsung galaxy note 10 is shown on a blue background, featuring the best smartphone deals this Prime Day.

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Prime Day phone deals are in full swing, but you don’t have long to snap them up before the sale ends, so act now! 2023 has had a multitude of new great phones released, and take it from someone who’s an expert in the smartphone market – there’s never been a better time to pick up one of these new devices, or one of the previous-gen models, for a tasty discount.

Like the majority of people on this planet, I love a new smartphone phone but hate the impact it makes on my wallet – these technical marvels of the postmodern world ain’t cheap. If you’ve got any sense, making the most out of any sales period is the best time to buy a new phone. So cast your eyes over the devices below and make your choice.

Best Google Pixel phone deals Prime Day October 2023

With the release of the Google Pixel 8 there have been some nice reductions on the prices of the Google Pixel 7 range. A lot of the offers are for refurbished devices (though there’s nothing wrong with that), but some of these models are brand new. See below for a list of the best.

Best Samsung Galaxy phone deals Prime Day October 2023

The Samsung Galaxy 23 series is a fantastic range of smartphones of the highest quality, in particular the Ultra model which has one of the best photo and video cameras in the game, particularly when shooting in low light conditions. The Galaxy A54 series is the less premium line, but they offer fantastic value for money if you’re after an affordable device – even more so when you take advantage of these Amazon Prime Day savings.

Best Apple iPhone deals Prime Day October 2023

iPhones remain the most popular smartphone going, and now the latest iPhone 15 has come out there are a raft of price reductions on the older generation devices, which all remain quality devices – well worth considering. Get even more off with these Prime Day phone deal savings.