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Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deals In 2023

If its a great Nintendo Switch deal, its listed here. Act quick, demand is high for the Switch at the best of times!
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
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We all know who Nintendo are – they are one of the biggest, most popular gaming consoles on the market today, and during this past year, it has been nigh on impossible for people to find a Nintendo Switch for sale due to the many manufacturing issues that have been caused by COVID.

However, If you are one of the many who have been waiting for an opportunity to buy yourself a Nintendo Switch this year, then you are in luck as Black Friday is upon us, and that means we can expect all kinds of fantastic console deals on both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch lite –  all of which we are going to list right here on PC Guide!

Right here you are going to be able to find all of the latest and greatest Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals and bundles, curated from across the web and listed here so you don’t have to go looking through all kinds of promotions just to find what you want.

The Switch deals listed here are featured not just because of their price, but because of what you can find on offer within the bundles themselves. These deals are going to be popular, and with the high demand for the Nintendo Switch we have seen in 2023, it’s going to be wise to act fast if you see a deal you like – we can’t guarantee how long retailers are going to be keeping these offers live for, or their availability!

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Best Nintendo Switch OLED Black Friday Deals

While the ‘Switch Pro’ was rumored to be the next entry in the Nintendo Switch lineup, instead, the company decided to go down a slightly different route – enter the Nintendo Switch OLED. This OLED version of the portable console boasts an upgraded screen, a better kickstand, and a few other design changes that benefit players. But, with stock shortages, these consoles are in high demand so picking them up on Black Friday could be a challenge. However, with all the Nintendo Switch OLED Black Friday deals we’ve listed in this article, it’ll give you the best possible chance at securing one.

Best Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deals

So, you want yourself a Nintendo Switch, and you want to make sure you are getting it cheap. These are the very best Nintendo Switch deals available on the internet right now, with the home console version being sold via various retailers! Avoid the Nintendo tax and get some money off a Nintendo Switch with the Black Friday savings today.

Best Nintendo Switch Lite Black Friday Deals

If you aren’t after a new home console, and just want a new cheap handheld that can still handle triple-A games, then you and I both know that you are on the lookout for a Nintendo Switch Lite. So, here are all the best Nintendo Switch Lite deals from across the web. Again, demand has been high this year, so if you see a deal that you want, you shouldn’t hesitate for too long.

Best Black Friday Nintendo Games Deals

Mario Kart, Breath Of The Wild, Mario, Pokémon – these are all games that everyone (including people who never held a controller in their life) have heard of, and Black Friday is the perfect time for someone to pick up some of the biggest titles in gaming at a heavy discount.

These savings are gathered from across the web, so hopefully, there are some amazing game deals for you to take advantage of

Where Do We Find The Best Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deals?

Nintendo is a company that notoriously love to keep their prices high, so any opportunity to enjoy some Nintendo deals are going to be appreciated massively by the gaming community. However. The Black Friday period is often full of meaningless or worthless offers that realistically just slow people down and stop them from reaching the important deals – and by the time they are found, they are already sold out.

That’s why the PC Guide team is dedicated to scouring the internet for all of the best Black Friday deals, so you don’t have to, doing all the legwork and taking you right to the checkout with just one click. Computer and tech-related deals are all going to be listed out on our site, so just keep an eye out and follow our various Black Friday pages to find all the deals worth knowing about this Black Friday period.

Don’t see what you after? Don’t worry. Just drop a comment below and we will do our best to help you find what you are looking for!

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