RTX 4080 Black Friday deals in 2022

The November-bound 40 series GPU by Nvidia is arriving just in time for the multitude of RTX 4080 Black Friday deals

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Nvidia’s 4000 series graphics cards have no sooner become a major delight in the gaming and content creation scene, making RTX 4080 Black Friday deals all the more welcome given their exorbitant price tags.

The RTX 4080 leverages up to 2x ray tracing performance in tandem with 2x performance and power efficiency via the firm’s brand new Ada Lovelace architecture. You can enjoy all the splendor of enhanced graphical fidelity with the following savings on the RTX 4080.

Best RTX 4080 deals in 2022

Unfortunately, the RTX 4080 won’t be released until sometime in November, making any deals and potential preorders limited at the current time. Thus far, consumers know of two main forms of the RTX 4080, those being a 12GB and 16GB iteration at a price point of $899 and $1199, respectively.

We will be updating this page regularly as the holiday sales season and the cards themselves release.

Where to find the best RTX 4080 Black Friday deals?

There are several main spots to pick up the RTX 4080, the most prominent among them being Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg. Below is a list of main retailers where one can expect to see some amazing deals on Nvidia’s brand-new GPU:

RTX 4080 Black Friday sales short list:

When will RTX 4080 Black Friday sales start in 2022?

Black Friday 2022 won’t officially begin until November 25th, but many stores will be hosting their own Black Friday sales schedules throughout November. The RTX 4080 won’t launch until November, so the timing seems to work perfectly in picking up the all-new Nvidia card.

Below is a list of RTX 4080 retailers and their Black Friday schedules:

  • Amazon: November 25th to November 27th
  • Best Buy: November 19th to November 28th
  • Newegg: November 22nd to November 27th

How to get the best Black Friday RTX 4080 deals in 2022?

Many retailers will have so-called “Notify Me” buttons on specific RTX 4080 products, so you can know exactly when their Black Friday discoutns go live. Beyond newsletters, which you can sign up for to receive alerts on sales via said retailers, you can also bookmark this page as we update it regularly leading into the holiday sales season.

Features to consider when looking for Black Friday RTX 4080 deals

Although they may all bare the same name, not every RTX 4080 card is identical. Even Nvidia notes that there are two different versions of the GPU regarding its G6X memory capacity, which consists of either 16GB or 12GB.

Below is a list of main features you may want to consider before nabbing an RTX 4080 this holiday season:

  • 12GB of G6X memory
  • 16GB of G6X memory
  • Founders Edition or third-party manufacturer