Eye-catching deal slashes AMD GPU price as new rumors circulate

You can now get this budget graphics card for an even more affordable price

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GPU deals have been rolling in, and some impressive graphics cards have been getting a great discount on Amazon. Right now, you can save $80 on this XFX Speedster MERC308 Radeon RX 6650XT graphics card, taking this budget GPU down to an even more affordable price. Rumors are circulating of a new addition to the AMD RX 7000 series, and as a result it seems the 6000 series cards are being pushed down in price.

Save $80 NOW!

XFX Speedster MERC308 Radeon RX 6650XT

XFX Speedster MERC308 Radeon RX 6650XT Black Gaming Graphics Card with 8GB GDDR6 HDMI 3xDP, AMD RDNA 2 RX-665X8TBDY
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Gaming aficionados, gear up for an unprecedented visual delight with the XFX Speedster MERC308 Radeon RX 6650XT Black Gaming Graphics Card. With a price slash from its original $339.99, it’s now available for just $259.99. This is a fantastic opportunity to pocket savings of $80, translating to a substantial 24% discount.

Here are some of the features of this XFX GPU that make this deal so eye-catching:

  • AMD RX 6650 XT Graphics Coprocessor: Dive into enhanced gameplay experiences powered by AMD’s RX 6650 XT. It represents the RX 6000 series, delivering high-definition visuals and efficient gaming performance. This coprocessor is an ideal pick for gaming aficionados looking for a significant boost in their rigs.
  • Reputed Brand – XFX: Synonymous with reliability and top-tier design, XFX is a cornerstone in the world of GPUs. As one of the leading brands in graphics cards, it’s the go-to choice for those who refuse to compromise on performance and quality.
  • Generous 8 GB Graphics RAM: Catering to graphics-intensive tasks, the 8 GB RAM buffer ensures smooth multitasking and uncompromised gameplay. It’s tailored for players engaging in high-definition games and professionals utilizing graphics-heavy applications.
  • Blazing GPU Clock Speed of 2694 MHz: Experience rapid gaming dynamics with a GPU clock speed that translates to fluid, high-frame rate visual experiences. This feature is the secret sauce for enthusiasts aiming for optimal visual realism.
  • HDMI Video Output Interface: Transmit high-definition visuals and crisp audio with the universally acknowledged HDMI interface. Perfect for users with contemporary displays, it brings cinematic experiences to gaming monitors and 4K TVs.

What we think

The XFX Speedster MERC308 Radeon RX 6650XT clearly stands as a testament to value at its discounted price. This is the opportune moment for a graphical revamp at a decent price. Perfectly suited for both gamers and creative professionals, the GPU promises unparalleled visual fidelity. With the pedigree of the RX 6650XT backed by XFX’s assurance, you’re not just buying power but enduring quality. This deal is more than just a purchase, it’s an investment in visually captivating experiences. However, if you want to check out some other options of great budget GPUs to upgrade your gaming rig, you can browse our picks of the best budget graphics card of 2023. You can also consider the RTX 3060 Ti as an alternative GPU for an entry-level gaming setup.

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*Prices are subject to change. PC Guide is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more